How to score Black Friday-worthy deals every day

(BPT) – Black Friday: the unofficial holiday where store sales and promotions peak, and the winter holidays kick off. Americans across the country wake up early to beat the hundreds of thousands of shoppers and score a bargain on their most wanted products. With the hype of Black Friday on the horizon, here are out-of-the-box ideas for landing the best deals all year long.

* Anticipate the season before it arrives. When purchasing seasonal items like clothes, costs tend to be higher right before the seasons change. To avoid elevated costs, purchase items like a winter coat or that grill you’ve been eyeing for summer barbecues a couple of seasons early — and you’ll likely be able to get a great deal and beat peak season costs.

* Be an informed shopper. Many people often find themselves without something they need, running to the nearest store, and purchasing it without a second thought. This sense of urgency tends to cause consumers to overpay for goods. Doing your research with a quick browse of the Internet allows you find the closest, cheapest location with exactly what you need.

* Subscribe to email lists for tailored deals on the go. Many companies offer deals to those who opt to receive their regular email newsletters — and you can score major savings at your favorite shopping spots when you opt in to receive a few newsletters. Increase your loyalty with your favorite brands by signing up for their newsletters, and enjoy significant savings throughout the year.

* Start with your home. Home maintenance costs can be the most expensive fees incurred by consumers, often because they aren’t aware of their options. Start with powering your home. Now more than ever, homeowners are finding ways to cut their energy bills by making the switch to solar. Home solar companies like Sunrun make it simple and affordable to own and lease a solar system, and on average, customers save up to 20 percent on their energy bills. Make all of your days bright by switching to solar today!

Getting a good deal starts with research. Visit to learn more about how the sun and switching to solar can help you save money on your electric bill and provide you with a cleaner, smarter home. For even more savings on Black Friday and all year long, skip the shopping and get outside to enjoy the sun.


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