How to Update Kitchen Hardware

Updating the hardware on your existing cabinet doors and drawers can be a quick, inexpensive way to freshen up your kitchen’s overall look.

Tools & Materials:

Step 1: Count Your Pulls & Handles

First, you’ll want to do a thorough count of all your doors and drawers to make sure you know exactly how many new pulls and knobs you’ll need. To streamline the project, match your new hardware’s spread to the distance between the existing screw holes (you may need a tape measure). Or you can just take one of the old pulls with you to the store to shop.

Step 2: Remove Old Knobs

Once you’ve selected your new handles and pulls, it’s time to remove all the old ones. Using a drill or screwdriver, slowly back the screws out, then gently pull the old hardware away from the door or drawer front, so as not to damage the finish. Keep the old screws and pulls/knobs together in a plastic baggy so it’s easy to donate or toss them depending on their condition. If you’re going to repaint your cabinet doors, do it now.

Step 3: Install New Hardware

The new paint should be completely dry before installing the new hardware.  Install the new pulls and knobs using the supplied screws.

Your new pulls will give your kitchen an updated look without all the effort of a renovation.

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