How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet

The quickest way to improve your bathroom’s style and functionality is to update the vanity. Luckily, with the right tools and know-how, it’s easier to DIY than you think.

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet


  •       New Vanity w/Top
  •       New Faucet & Drain
  •       Plumber’s Putty
  •       Plumber’s Teflon Tape
  •       Rags
  •       Bowl or Bucket
  •       Kitchen & Bath Caulk


  •       Cordless Drill
  •       Adjustable Wrench
  •       Channellock Tongue & Groove Pliers
  •       Pry Bar
  •       Utility Blade

Step 1: Turn Off Water

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Turn Off Water

Turn off water supply lines by turning the oval shaped knobs clockwise.  This is will ensure there’s no water flowing into the pipes. Then, turn on the fixture to release any water from the lines.

Step 2: Disconnect Plumbing

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Disconnect Plumbing

Using an adjustable wrench, disconnect the supply lines. Disconnect the drain pipe at the P-trap (the bend in the drain line) using Channellock pliers. Place rags or a large bowl/bucket under the P-trap to catch any drips. Also, stick a rag in the drain hole to avoid any sewer gas seepage while you’re working.

Step 3: Prep for Removal

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Prep for Removal

With the existing plumbing disconnected, prep the cabinet for removal. Using a utility blade, cut any caulk between the cabinet and the floor/wall.  You may want to pry up the countertop for better access to the cabinet interior. Next, use a drill to unscrew all fasteners that were securing it to the wall.  Slowly pull the old vanity out to avoid damaging the walls and flooring. Now is also a good opportunity to make any repairs to existing flooring or moldings.

Step 4: Prep New Items

Unbox all your new items and organize them for a stress-free assembly. Review the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep in mind, it’s much easier to install the new faucet before you move the vanity into place. Many cabinets are designed with an open back for easy access.

Step 5: Install Faucet

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Install Faucet

Place the new fixture down through the countertop holes, tightening the mounting nuts underneath until the fixture is firmly in place.  Connect the lift rod. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 6: Seal Drain Flange

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Seal Drain Flange

To get a good seal between the basin and the drain flange, roll plumber’s putty into a 4-inch long worm and wrap it around the underside of the flange. Then place it in the sink basin and tighten up the nut and washer underneath. You want the seal tight enough to squeeze a bit of putty out. Once it’s secure and tight, wipe away excess putty using a rag.

Step 7: Secure New Vanity

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Secure New Vanity

Our vanity is freestanding, so we moved it into place over the existing plumbing. Make sure your new vanity is level and flush against the wall. If it’s not, just add a small wooden shim in an inconspicuous area to correct the issue. Then, secure the vanity using the supplied screws fastened into a wall stud.

Step 8: Reconnect Plumbing

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Reconnect Plumbing

To finish the faucet installation, reconnect the water supply lines. If they’re worn or stiff, replace them to avoid future leaks. Next, reinstall the P-trap. Use plumber’s tape around the threaded openings to make sure you get a tight seal.

Step 9: Test and Caulk

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Test and Caulk

With everything reconnected, turn the water supply back on and try out the new fixture. Be sure to check underneath for any drips. If there are leaks, simply tighten all the joints, as needed.

Finally, caulk where the countertop and/or backsplash meets the wall to create a watertight seal.

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