How you can elevate your outdoor entertaining space this fall

(BPT) – Autumn is a magical time of year, with cooler temperatures and colorful, changing leaves. Depending on where you live, it may still be warm enough to enjoy entertaining friends and family outside throughout much of the season. However, if it’s not so warm where you live, there are other solutions that create easy and affordable ways to elevate your outdoor space.

Here are some ways you can optimize and enhance your outdoor space this fall, even if you’re new to DIY.

Consider how you want to use the space

Are you looking to create an intimate setting for small gatherings, or do you want a larger area to host big get-togethers? Or would you just like to section off a specific spot for relaxing outdoors or playing games on family night? If you don’t yet have a patio or you want to expand your existing patio space, first map out how large of an area you’d like to designate for entertaining, to help add square footage to your home and to make more room for amenities such as outdoor furniture, games, a fire feature or a grill.

To build your patio, consider easy-to-use, stylish and attractive paving stone options such as 16”x16” Avant Patio Stones, which have the look of those ever popular large format linear pavers, and are available in the sleek and modern blended gray color. One big advantage is that these patio stones are far easier and much less expensive to install than individual large format pavers. They also come in six different face textures that are strategically packaged on the pallet, so that installing your outdoor surface in an eye-catching modern design is easy to do. Avant Patio Stones are made of durable concrete that does not attract pests, and they are also resistant to decay and fading. You can find videos and detailed instruction guides showing just how easy it is to install Avant Patio Stones as well as to complete similar outdoor projects at

Once you’ve created your space for outdoor entertaining, you’re ready to further enhance your design with a visual focal point.

Create a stunning focal point

Whether you want to host large or small gatherings, it’s always ideal to have an obvious gathering point for conversation, and to add visual interest or even warmth to the area. Focal points are also the perfect way to draw in natural elements to enhance the space and can include anything from a fire pit or water feature to a large planter or living wall full of greenery.

Fire pits are tried and true, staying highly popular because of the variety of options available to build them as well as the sheer beauty, enjoyment and warmth they create. And fortunately for those who are newer to DIY, they can be very easy projects to tackle in as little as a single weekend.

The RumbleStone® system includes a set of rustic “building blocks” that can be assembled for a variety of outdoor hardscape projects, including fire pits or fireplaces. Their weathered appearance creates a natural look and feel, adding pleasing texture and depth. You can easily construct a fire pit using a RumbleStone fire pit kit, packaged with detailed instructions allowing for very easy assembly — making it possible to complete your fire pit in as little as one day. RumbleStone building blocks are available in tan and gray options that you can order online from your favorite home improvement store website, to be conveniently delivered curbside. Review this webpage to explore some of the possibilities using RumbleStone kits.

Even if you’re a novice DIYer, you could take on one or both of these satisfying home improvement projects over a weekend or two, depending on the size of the area you’re transforming, to create a truly magical outdoor space.

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