Installing tile? Pick the right grout for a quality job

(BPT) – When it comes to interior design, nothing can beat the classic elegance of tile. The versatile material can be used in just about any room in a home or office building. Whether you use ceramic or stone tile for kitchen backsplashes and countertops, bathroom flooring and shower walls, fireplace mantles or lobby floors, it has the power to transform and elevate a space’s design.

Because of its timeless style and durability, demand for tile has increased in residential and commercial sectors. According to a report from Technavio, the ceramic and natural stone tile market is expected to grow 7.19% annually through 2028. It’s not hard to see why tiling is so popular. Its versatility, durability and aesthetic appeal make it ideal for interior and exterior applications that will stand the test of time.

As the demand for tile in construction projects increases, contractors will need to find ways to efficiently install tile so they can quickly move from one project to the next. To do so, they’ll need the right products to do a great job on a tight schedule.

A revolutionary product for tile installation

Tiling can be a time-consuming process, and grouting is one aspect of tiling that can take a while. Between mixing, applying and waiting for the grout to dry, contractors can lose a lot of time on a project. That’s why choosing the right grout is crucial for an efficient tile installation project.

To help contractors deliver quick, quality work, Custom® Building Products — North America’s leader in tile and stone installation — has created a revolutionary product that allows commercial and residential contractors to finish jobs faster. Its Prism SCG Ultimate Performance Pre-Mixed Single Component Grout is built on eight years of research and development, delivering convenience and dependability in handling during installation.

“We’re constantly striving to reimagine new and better ways to install and maintain tile and stone products,” said Ian O’Connor, product manager of CUSTOM’s Grout, Waterproofing and Care, “and Prism SCG is the result of our commitment to technical innovation.”

The professional-grade grout is easier to spread than traditional grout and easier to clean than cement or epoxy grout. Prism SCG is a pre-mixed, efflorescence-free and crack-resistant sanded grout that is ready to use straight out of the container for interior and exterior installations of glass, ceramic, natural stone and other tiles on walls, floors and ceilings. Available in 40 designer colors, contractors can use this new grout for just about any residential or commercial installation project.

“It’s extremely easy to work with and cleans easy,” said contractor and business owner Dan Lambert. “You can leave this grout on for up to a half-hour or more, come back and still be able to wipe it off while maintaining full joint and color consistency.”

“Time is money” is a popular phrase in the contracting industry for a reason. With Prism SCG’s stain resistance, perfect color consistency and high performance in wet areas, tile and stone installers can deliver quality work in less time. To learn more, visit


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