Is Your Home Telling You It Needs a Repair?

(BPT) – Our homes give us a place to relax and escape the elements of nature, but they are not immune to the elements themselves. As homeowners, it is crucial to be vigilant and recognize early signs of structural damage to avoid escalating repair costs, and with the change in seasons, some of these signs may start to present themselves in your own home.

To help you spot a potential issue as soon as possible, the experts at Baker’s Waterproofing compiled a list of subtle indicators that your home needs attention.

Foundation Issues

The foundation is the backbone of your home. If it is damaged, everything else is put at risk. Even the most minor foundation issues can spell impending disaster, and they will escalate if not addressed promptly. Minor problem signs can include small wall cracks, doors or windows that stick and uneven flooring.

If you notice these signs, call an expert team immediately so they can inspect your home and prescribe the best solution for the problem. Ignoring these subtle indicators could lead to major structural damage in the future.

Basement Moisture and Dampness

Basement issues are easy to miss, but staying aware of them means you can better protect your home and family. The biggest threat to your basement is moisture. Excess moisture or dampness causes mold growth and a host of other issues that are hard to address once they’ve developed.

Moisture can enter your basement many ways, even through the smallest of cracks. The first signs of intrusive moisture can include mold growth, musty odors or damp spots on walls or flooring. These problem signs indicate a waterproofing issue. None of these issues are normal for a basement, and they will only get worse over time. Addressing these signs early will help prevent costly repairs and health hazards down the road.

Crawl Space Damage

If your home sits upon a crawl space, it’s important to keep an eye on it. This part of a home is often out of sight and out of mind, so most people brush off crawl space issues. However, the crawl space plays a vital role in any home’s overall health. In fact, 50% of the breathable air in your home comes from your crawl space: if there’s mold down there, there’s likely mold everywhere.

Subtle signs that it might need attention include a damp or musty smell throughout your home, increased indoor humidity, and bouncy floors. Crawl space problems that are left untreated may cost you more money through high utility bills or structural issues. It’s important to address quickly to help prevent the issues from worsening.

Concrete Surfaces Showing Age

While concrete is an incredibly strong material, it ages just like any other part of your home. Because the smallest signs of concrete damage don’t always look menacing, many people write them off until it’s too late.

Small cracks across the surface of driveways, patios or sidewalks are the first indicators that something is causing the concrete to shift. Eventually, the concrete could sink or become uneven, causing tripping hazards. No matter how small, if your concrete surfaces show signs of sinking or cracking, it’s time to consider concrete lifting.

Your home is an investment, and catching subtle signs of damage will save you from expensive repairs in the future. When in doubt, always seek professional advice from experts, like those at Baker’s Waterproofing, to ensure that your home remains safe and sound this season and for years to come.


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