Keep your family secure at home with these tips

(BPT) – When it comes to protecting your family, your home is your fortress. It’s the place where your children fall asleep at night, tucked safely in their beds. It has the backyard where your pets roam freely without any danger of running into traffic. And it’s the place where you can relax, knowing your family is secure.

There are some actions you’ll need to take to secure your fortress, but with a few adjustments to your landscaping, you can help keep your family and pets protected at home.

* Shrubbery – Landscaping directly next to the house can provide a hiding place for potential intruders of the human, insect and animal varieties. To discourage intruders of any kind, keep bushes smaller, spaced out and neatly trimmed if they are directly next to the house. This is a project to do both in the beginning of the summer and again in the fall before the frost hits.

* Lighting – In addition to keeping your trees and bushes trimmed, install lights – both on the house and around the landscaping of the yard. These lights will help illuminate any shadows that could hide potential intruders. Also, remember to keep the lights you shine inside your house to yourself. Prevent people outside the home from seeing what you have inside by closing the drapes at night.

* Fencing – Fences are great for keeping your children and pets away from traffic and other possible danger. If you have a pool, it will also keep them safe around the water. Fences require premium-grade, adjustable hinges and latches to ensure your gate closes properly, stays latched, and doesn’t sag or drag over time. MagnaLatch magnetic pool latches are specifically designed for child and pool safety. They have a patented latching system that prevents mechanical jamming that could cause gate failure. Combined with TruClose self-closing hinges your gate will close smoothly and securely every time. If you prefer a standard gate lock, LokkLatch latches are designed with stainless steel components that won’t rust or stain.

These gate hardware options from D&D feature a lifetime limited warranty, are easy to install and are available through fencing contractors and numerous retail outlets, including Lowe’s, Home Depot and Amazon. Visit for a full range of gate hardware products and to find a retailer near you.

* Security systems – As a final touch to keep an eye on your house at all times, install a security system. You can find models that range from contacting a security company when the alarm is triggered to having video cameras that allow online monitoring from a smartphone.

With these home and yard safety tips, your fortress will be as secure as you can make it. So enjoy your home and relax knowing you’ve kept your family safe.


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