Lawn mower accessories help get landscaping jobs done efficiently and professionally

(BPT) – Efficiency is the name of the game these days. At the office it comes into play in processing work quickly and at a lower cost. At home, efficiency means being able to get the household and landscaping chores done so you can spend time with the family.

If your chore list includes maintaining the lawn, you know how much time is involved in this process. A gorgeous lawn gives you peace, joy and pride in what you’ve accomplished, but it takes work. Fortunately, many lawn mowers can help you quickly trim the grass and keep it looking nice while also allowing you to use add-on tools for the rest of the work that needs to be done. One option, the Toro TimeCutter zero-turn mower, is unique in that it comes standard with a hitch that’s perfect for pulling such tools. Here are many of the additional accessories available to help you complete your lawn-maintenance chores much more efficiently:

* Cargo carriers – Hauling chopped wood, fallen branches, bags of mulch or wood chips and all the tools and equipment you need for the garden is made much easier with a cargo carrier connected behind the mower. The Toro TimeCutter has a unique cargo carrier that attaches to the rear of the machine and allows you to maintain the zero turn maneuverability of the mower.  This mower can also pull a 10-cubic foot cart for transporting larger material loads. An additional benefit: zero-turn lawn mowers can reduce mowing time by as much as 47 percent, depending on the size of your yard, and this allows you even more time to spend with the family.

* Raking leaves – Big trees and a large lawn make for a beautiful backyard all summer long. But those same big trees also require that you spend hours raking leaves in the fall. Once the leaves are raked, you have to then transfer them to a container of some sort, which takes additional time and energy. Simplify the process with a sweeper or twin bagger that tows behind or attaches to your riding mower. With all the leaves collected in one place, you can easily add them to your compost pile, bag them or create a huge pile in the yard where the kids can play.

* Lawn care items – If you want the gold star in your neighborhood for the best-looking lawn, it will need some loving care. Dethatchers, aerators and sprayers are tools that can help get the job done. It used to be you had to rent these tools and then push them around your lawn. Utilizing Toro TimeCutter’s standard hitch with an innovative Smart Speed control system (two speed ranges: a high speed Mow & Go range and a low speed Trim & Tow range), you can use Brinly-Hardy Attachments to reduce the time and money you need to spend priming your lawn.

Americans spend about $30 billion a year on lawn care, according to the AARP in an article about saving on lawn care costs, and the bigger your lawn, the more time you’ll spend maintaining it. With these lawn mower accessories, you can greatly reduce how much time you spend working while still accomplishing everything on your to-do list. Now you just need to figure out how you’re going to spend all your free time with the kids in the backyard.


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