Luxury updates on a frugal budget

We all want the finer things in life, but while many of us have expensive tastes, we don’t always have lavish budgets. And, when it comes to updating the kitchen, many items can have large price tags that – in today’s market – we won’t be able to recoup. Luckily, with a little creativity you can achieve a cost-conscious kitchen remodel that gives you maximum enjoyment on a minimal budget.

Finished look for less
Does your kitchen have shiny brass light fixtures? If so, updating these can instantly make your home look more current and stylish. Home improvement retailers offer a wide variety of stylish and affordable choices in popular finishes, such as stainless steel or old world bronze. Or, for an even more economical choice, turn your current lighting fixtures from brass to beautiful by spray painting them with a new contemporary finish. Manufacturers such as Krylon offer unique choices, like Stainless Steel or Oil-Rubbed Bronze, that add beautiful texture for a high-end look.

Fashionable, functional focal point
Most kitchens have a basic faucet – but as the focal point and most-used item in the kitchen, updating this mainstay can create a functional and fashionable change that everyone will notice.

When selecting a new kitchen faucet, look for a high-arc style with pulldown functionality. Models such as the Moen Anabelle Eco-Performance faucet feature this unique design – with the added benefit of up to 32 percent water savings. The multi-function wand offers both a fast-fill stream for filling pots, as well as two Eco-Performance sprays that conserve water while allowing you to complete everyday tasks such as washing dishes or preparing foods – all with the same great performance. Available at Lowe’s in both Stainless Steel and Mediterranean Bronze finishes, this kitchen update will have you saying “wow” with the aesthetic, functional and water-saving benefits. For more information on Moen Eco-Performance kitchen faucets, visit or

Sensational shelves
Nothing can make a kitchen look worse than cluttered countertops. But when it comes to storing necessities or displaying decorative items – there often is no other spot. While adding new cabinetry can solve your storage issue, it can be costly. Instead, build exposed shelves to give your kitchen a more updated look and an open, airy feel.

Home improvement retailers offer a variety of pre-made wood shelving in a variety of materials and finishes, or, if you are handy, you can build your own to save even more. Once they are complete, utilize them for a mix of decorative and functional kitchen items and be sure to keep everything neat and clean for a polished look.

Breathtaking backsplash
Adding ceramic tile in your kitchen can add color, texture and a high-end appearance, but upgrading your entire floor or countertops can be very pricey. Instead, adding a tile backsplash can make a dramatic change – with minimal cost and effort. Whether you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer or not, there are many online step-by-step guides, and many home improvement retailers offer classes for this simple project. And, in no time at all, you’ll have a beautiful tile masterpiece that will accent – and protect – your walls.

With these few updates, your kitchen will look great and be more functional – all without breaking the bank.

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