Master Bedrooms – More than a Place to Sleep

The new trend in master bedroom design has been inspired by being away from home. People are now looking for the bedroom to be a place to get away from the rest of the world and even the rest of a busy home as a small sanctuary supporting itself.  Where did this inspiration come from? Luxury hotels get the credit.

When traveling people notice the convenience of having a true master bathroom adjacent to the bedroom with no need to wait for the children to get out of the shower. When relaxing before laying down it is more comfortable to do so in a comfortable chair or sitting in night clothes and take only a few steps to the bed when you become sleepy.

Watching TV without having to discuss the channel or show seems to appeal to the gentlemen as well as having a desk at hand to plan the next day before retiring to sleep. The ladies prefer the dressing tables like may be found at to a crowded sink vanity.

The planning of such a sanctuary involves open floor plans with full master baths. A lot of this is made possible by the room adjacent to the bedroom being freed up by a child going off to the University or on their own allowing for full bath and his and her walk in closets to be added.

For furnishings think luxury hotel. Natural wood is the most popular choice for its aesthetic appeal and naturally relaxing ambience but with functionality. The mini-fridge and TV allows for easy relaxation without trips about the house in the evening, both in easy reach of either the bed or small sitting area. Sideboard designs are popular such as the ones at .

The most popular colour schemes in 2013 are reported to be natural greens and a rose colours – adding to the natural and tranquil look and feel of a personal retreat. Windows and ample natural light help the open design feel more spacious while different textures add interest.

Women list the master bathroom as their top interest wanting near spa quality jet tubs and a TV in view of the tub. Tile and natural granites are featured in the master bath most commonly. A second access to the ladies walk in closet from the bath or at the very least close proximity to it is ideal.

According to the design experts the whole concept revolves around the idea that once retired to the bedroom for the day there be no reason to leave until ready to begin your next day. It allows a place of solitude and privacy not shared with the rest of the world for true relaxation. With so many constant demands on time everywhere else the well-designed master bedroom will take you away from other stresses.

While these design ideas are the latest trends it should be emphasized if it is to truly be a sanctuary it should be done in a manner that fits the individual best. Colour scheme and furniture selection should be to their tastes. It is the bedroom and it is not for anybody else to see or share.


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