New shelving innovation for canning jars

Storage has always and is always going to be something that can be improved.  Whether you store preserved foods, crafting supplies, tools or cooking utensils and props, any saved space is much appreciated.  Many of us store these items in mason jars and find ourselves precariously balancing jars and searching over a sea of silver lids or moving and digging through heavy boxes.  It used to be that the remedy would be to build a custom shelf or storage receptacle but now, Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger solves our problems.

Are you an entertainer or crafter or like to cook?  You probably have a number of mason jars as a result of making dessert in mason jars or salad in mason jars.  Instead of just putting and balancing those mason jars on a shelf or in a box, they can easily be stored with MMJH in any location: on drywall, peg board, wood wall, inside cabinets, or under cabinets.

If you preserve foods or homestead then MMJH can help you store your goods in the pantry or basement.  Since it is only three jars deep, you don’t have to move around countless jars to locate what you are looking for.  MMJH works with and without the rings too.

Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger is very easy to install. It is made out of durable sheet metal and can be attached to any wall or pegboard.  If attaching to drywall, make sure to use drywall anchors.  MMJH can also be attached under cabinets and alleviate cluttered cupboards.  It can also be used to organize nuts and bolts. 

Here are some more pictures of MMJH and additional information.


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