New survey shows many love their pets more than people

(BPT) – If you’re like many pet parents, your pet means the world to you and is an important part of your family. And you’re not alone. A new survey found that nearly one in six respondents tell their pet they love them more often than they tell their partner. This Pet Parent Pulse Survey, commissioned by MetLife Pet Insurance, also found that eight in 10 pet parents would rather spend time with their pet than go on a first date.

Your pet is family

While those statistics may sound surprising at first, they may seem less so when you also consider that the Pet Parent Pulse Survey also found most pet parents (78%) said they consider their pet to be their child, with 69% also stating that they love their pet more than some of their family members. Millennials (25- to 40-year-olds), in particular, are more likely than older pet parents to prefer spending their free time with their pet instead of with people (83% of millennials, compared to 71% of pet parents aged 57 and up).

But considering your pet to be a part of the family means caring for them that way, too. Pet parents are likely to put their pet’s needs and wants high on their to-do list, including making sure their pet is well-fed, feeling loved, and that their healthcare needs are looked after. Beyond regular checkups to ensure their pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and other preventive measures that safeguard their well-being, pet parenting also includes going to a veterinarian in an emergency and in some unfortunate cases, funding major health procedures or surgeries.

In light of current economic uncertainties, though, over half of pet parents (54%) worry about being able to care for their pet in the future, according to additional research from MetLife Pet Insurance. While caring for a pet can be a significant financial obligation over the course of many years, many pet parents would say that the love and companionship they receive from their pet makes the cost well worth it – but taking action today can help prevent additional financial stress in the future.

How you can protect your relationship with your pet – and your wallet

Just as you may have other types of insurance, like health insurance for your two-legged family members, pet insurance can help pet parents give their furry family members the care they need to live a happy and healthy life. Accidents happen, but when preventative measures are taken, pet parents can ensure their animal companion is protected from the unexpected.

For example, MetLife Pet Insurance can be a flexible, supportive resource available as you care for your pet through all the ups and downs of their life. Through advantages like 24/7 telehealth access in their mobile app (may not be available in all states), as well as grief counseling for members of a pet’s family, MetLife Pet Insurance goes beyond basic pet healthcare to provide support to you during all times of need. Opting into this offering can also give you financial peace of mind as an innovative, affordable tool to help defend your finances against unexpected expenses like vet bills.

“One of the greatest acts of love a pet parent can undertake is to ensure the health and safety of their pet,” said Brian Jorgensen, head of MetLife Pet Insurance. “The good news is, we provide pet parents with the support they need to care for their pet – without breaking the bank.”

Just as your relationship with your pet is unique, you can find customizable coverage that’s designed to fit your budget and your pet’s particular needs for less than you may think. To get a free quote, visit

Taking good care of your pet today will help you be able to enjoy that special bond with them for many years to come.

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