New Year, New Kitchen Appliances

It has been some time since Anita Yokota and her family updated their kitchen appliances. With technology making life easier in all which ways, Anita found the perfect set of new kitchen appliances at The Home Depot to update their space in a smart, innovative, and functional way. Read the post to find out more.

New Year, New Kitchen Appliances

New Year, New Kitchen Appliances

My ten year old kitchen has been a design evolution for me. The faux marble countertops and the leather strap drawer pulls have been a high/low design triumph. However, the appliances that came with the home left me feeling very unmotivated when it came time to meal prep and find the joy of cooking. I did a comprehensive assessment of how I function in this space and decided it was time for new kitchen appliances.

The kitchen is the hub for the family so this is very important!

Even though we aren’t doing a big kitchen renovation quite yet, we decided we needed new appliances to help our family function more efficiently and find ways to eat and be healthier.

The first thing to change was our huge, bulky behemoth fridge. It was a new purchase for us ten years ago and we were so excited to have it, but it literally stuck out three inches past the cabinets! This made navigating the kitchen extremely tight as the island is already squished into the space. The doors of the refrigerator barely opened all the way.

And when it came time to showcase my kitchen for you on Instagram? Admittedly, I never chose to show you that angle because it took up the whole left side of the photo.

Thanks to Home Depot and Samsung appliances, now look what we have!

New Year, New Kitchen Appliances

Smart Refrigerator

This counter depth fridge has changed our functionality in here on so many levels! We now have the space to move freely around the kitchen—it is a complete game changer. 

New Year, New Kitchen Appliances

Also, the smart fridge functions (aka the Family Hub) is extremely intuitive and helpful for a busy working mom like me. We absolutely love the shopping list feature that is linked with the app. Now everyone in the family can add grocery items to the Family Hub and the shopper across town can easily buy things at the last minute.

Mind. Blown.

New Year, New Kitchen Appliances

We can also peruse the internet for great new recipes to make for dinner. In fact, the girls have been searching for new dinner ideas and leaving notes for me right on the fridge screen!

Perhaps my favorite interactive part of the Family Hub is the voice recording. Since I am gone early in the morning, I love leaving little voice notes for the kids to receive when they open the fridge for breakfast!

It makes me so happy that they get to hear an encouraging note from me even when I am away!

New Year, New Kitchen Appliances

Double Heaven

Why do I say double heaven: because I have longed for a double oven for years! I love to cook and bake. However, we have never owned a home with a double oven. Now with the new Samsung Flex Duo oven, I can bake or broil and make savory dishes and sweets all at the same time; or one at a time; or use it as a full oven! The possibilities are endless.

Add in the touch screen functions and my busy working mom life is made easier! Often times I spend Sundays cooking meals for the upcoming week, and the range with varying functions allows me to cook different meals at the same time. Can we say bye bye to mommy guilt? Now the family gets healthier meals. Whew!

New Year, New Kitchen Appliances

Microwave Magic

I knew beforehand that the refrigerator and oven would change how our family functioned in this space. However, the Samsung microwave with ceramic enamel interior really surprised me!

Because of the ceramic enamel, leftovers in this house never tasted so good! I am a big stickler on even heating. Nothing is worse than taking a hot bowl of soup out of the microwave and having the middle of the bowl still cold. I am so happy this never happens with our new microwave. Another added bonus? We keep warmed meals in the microwave for whomever is late to dinner because of work or sports: a little pro tip for those families with busy, multiple schedules!

New Year, New Kitchen Appliances

Whisper Quiet Dishwasher

Our combined kitchen and family room can become quite the busy place for our family. As I cook and clean up the kitchen, the kids and my husband love to watch movies or play games. However, with a noisy dishwasher, we are always struggling to do both at the same time.

I love sharing what truly works for my family, and I sincerely am so excited to share that we now can have the dishwasher on and get to spend family time together in one room! Our old dishwasher got the job done, but boy was it LOUD! Now we barely know the Samsung dishwasher is on! When we did the first run, my girls put their ears to the machine to make sure it was working. And indeed it was!

New Year, New Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Upgrade

So for the new year, upgrading our space with new kitchen appliances has definitely improved our family life already! If you are in the reorganization mode that so many of us are in this time of year, I encourage you to take a look at how your kitchen can function better for you. It really is a game changer! The more efficiently you can finish the chores, the more time for yourself and your family.

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