New Year, New Remodel: Top Home Design Trends for 2021

(BPT) – Home is the ultimate haven — and with new trends emerging that speak to our evolving lifestyles, many are looking to reimagine their living spaces. Home renovations have long been a popular project, but the past year undoubtedly solidified them as the “it” activity. As health and wellness continues to take priority, along with the growing need for multifunctional spaces, it is no surprise that consumers are making home updates that reflect these design elements. Heading into 2021, home remodels will only continue to rise. Here are the top five home design trends to look out for next year and beyond.

1. Multi-zone kitchens are a must-have.

With more time than ever being spent in the kitchen, homeowners are looking beyond traditional setups to get the most out of their spaces. From dedicated areas for meal prep, to customized nooks that preserve your pet’s fresh food, to designated work and homeschool stations — complete with repurposed shelves for supplies and books — the multi-zone kitchen is the leading trend heading into the New Year. Many consumers are updating their kitchens to make this extended time at home more comfortable. And no matter the footprint of the space, many are looking for simple swaps to streamline the remodel process. What is one of the most popular picks that we can expect to see even more of in 2021? Replacing existing appliances to create a new look without completely reconstructing the room. From fresh food columns that seamlessly fit into predetermined spaces, to cooktops that perfectly place into existing cutouts, the heart of the home will be the ultimate design destination.

2. Private, personal spaces are more popular than ever.

As we have adapted to working and schooling from home, people are looking to create dedicated personal spaces throughout their living quarters. Those with open floorplans have been transforming their homes this year to create more custom corners, and this theme will continue well into 2021. From reimagining a garage to a home gym and outfitting with under counter refrigeration, to carving out a bedroom “cloffice” with a built-in coffee machine, and even upgrading living room areas with sliding doors and partitions for homeschooling sessions, homeowners are coming up with creative ways to bring designated personal areas back. For those who are looking to maintain flexible design elements in the home as our lifestyles continue to evolve, certain architectural adjustments can provide a nice compromise. Archways can help designate zones within a room, keeping the space open yet providing partial closure for added privacy. As our homes remain the backdrop to our everyday lives, cultivating secluded spaces that we can call our own will be key.

3. Home automation is a hot topic.

Homeowners are looking for ways to enhance their everyday activities so that they can enjoy a smarter, more accessible indoor experience. With that, cutting-edge home technology is on the rise and has the power to elevate our lifestyles — and our homes — via integrated features. At the top of the list is effortless automation, whether motion-sensor lighting, self-closing blinds or hands-free faucets (especially ideal as health and wellness habits remain top of mind). Automated attributes can particularly elevate your home’s efficiency as it concerns the kitchen, too — and infusing this innovation via WiFi-enabled appliances is one of the most common ways. Managing a busy, active household can be challenging, but with the click of a button on your smart device, it can be made a bit easier. The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ allows for automating recipe cook times and temperatures, perusing personalized content featuring unique wine recommendations and pairings, and programming individual coffee and tea orders. Plus, you can enjoy seamless integration throughout the entire home with leading smart home automation providers such as Crestron and, which work together with best-in-class smart products to create a customized solution for the home. The future has never looked brighter.

4. Sustainability is highly sought after.

As we continue shifting toward more conscious living, it is no surprise that this lifestyle choice is becoming increasingly reflected in our home design preferences. Long gone are the days of aesthetics being the sole sought-after characteristic. While bold beauty is still of importance to consumers, 2021 will be all about premium quality items that are built to last. Whether you are looking to modernize your living space with furniture made from natural resources or bringing sustainability to your bedding, durable, environmentally conscious materials are a must-have. Homeowners are exploring this trend in a variety of ways including upgrading their appliances. As stainless steel plays an important role in sustainable design due to its high recyclability, integrated products that boast premium grade stainless steel both inside and out, such as the Thermador Freedom® Refrigeration Collection, are a huge draw. Iconic stainless interiors alongside award-winning lighting creates an undeniable radiance. And, with advanced cooling technology and WiFi capabilities, consumers can enjoy more energy-efficient and easily accessible refrigeration. Talk about a win-win situation.

5. Comforting colors and collectibles are key.

Now more than ever, homeowners are looking to create comforting rooms where they can relax and rejuvenate. Many have opted for easy adjustments to bring in the feeling of warmth. Whether that involves applying warmer-toned tints to the walls instead of stark shades or dressing up an area with lush rugs and throw blankets, comfort is key as we head into 2021. Earthy hues such as beige, sand and taupe are expected to heat up, while previously popular cooler neutrals will start to subside. If simpler swaps are more your style, scented candles can really elevate the look and feel of a room, creating an instantly serene space for enjoyable days and evenings at home.


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