PBPBOX Halloween Giant Spider Web Set for Outdoor Halloween Yard Decorations, 23X19FT

Creepy-looking spiderwebs are a classic Halloween decoration.
And now you can have the monster-mother of all spiderwebs in your front yard. This web stretches out to a triangle up to 23 feet long and 18.7 feet wide, so it really is a monster.
The foundation of the web is made of rope, pre-tied into the “threads” of a spiderweb. You attach the point of this triangular web to some high part of your house such as the roof of a porch,
and then attach the five radial ropes to the ground with the included stakes. Over this, you stretch the cotton wool material to complete your web. For the most realistic results,
pull the cotton wool material out very thin and stretch out any clumps so it looks like a cobweb.

With some accessories (not included) such as PBPBOX’s giant spider and a spotlight or Halloween-colored string lights, this decoration will make your house a highlight of the neighborhood during the Halloween season.
And it will surely give your local trick-or-treaters a laugh and a thrill on Halloween night.EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE A MONSTER SPIDERWEB. Up to a 23′ X 18.7′ triangle-shaped web for your yard or indoors. Includes rope web, cotton spiderweb material, and ground stakes.
THE ULTIMATE HALLOWEEN DECORATION. This giant spiderweb will make your house the hit of the neighborhood during the Halloween season. And it’s reusable year after year, too.
SCARILY REALISTIC AND FUN! Attach the point end of the pre-tied rope web up high and stake the free ends to the ground. Then stretch the cotton wool over this and your web is done.
EVEN BETTER WITH ACCESSORIES. You can add a giant spider, such as one from PBPBOX, to your web, some spooky lighting, and perhaps a prop skeleton as one of the spider’s “victims.

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