Presenting: America’s Top 10 Shelter Dog Makeovers

(BPT) – October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and it’s the perfect time to shine a spotlight on some amazing shelter dogs, who have gone through amazing transformations. The sad truth is fewer than half of dogs entering shelters are getting the grooming they need due to a lack of resources. The effects of neglect, or a life on the street, can often overshadow these sweet dogs and far too often they are overlooked by adoptive families. That’s why pet industry leader Wahl and Greater Good Charities, a global nonprofit, have partnered again for the 11th annual Dirty Dogs Contest ( Wahl donated grooming supplies to rescues and shelters nationwide, and they in turn shared amazing Before and After grooming photos – including the Top 10 Shelter Dog Makeovers of 2022. Vote for your favorite pup and help the organization affiliated with the dog win $10,000.

1) Flynn was found outside a shelter in a box. He was so matted in dirt and debris that his rescuers could hardly tell his head from his tail. Besides being underweight, Flynn was also suffering from a broken leg and corneal ulcers. Fortunately, after a few surgeries and a lot of grooming, Flynn recovered and was adopted by one of the volunteers at his shelter.

2) Gracie was brought to the shelter as a stray, and it was apparent she had never been groomed. She was understandably nervous about being groomed for the first time, but the groomer was gentle with Gracie and patiently finished the job in three visits. It was worth the wait because a playful pup was revealed, and from there Gracie soon found her forever family.

3) Ottie was spotted at midnight walking down a busy road. He was in deplorable condition and even had a chain intertwined into his matted fur. After several grooming sessions and losing nearly half his body weight in shaved fur, the sweetest little dog appeared. Ottie is now living a great life at a rescue, but he’s still in search of a family.

4) Luna was rescued from a puppy mill. She was covered in mats, dirt and sores from years of neglect. After the groomer shaved her painful fur, a little beauty queen emerged, and she immediately began to enjoy her newfound life. Luna now loves to run around the yard and play with her adoptive family. They say she brightens the lives of everyone she meets.

5) Louie was found as a stray. He was underweight, covered in fleas and severely matted. Despite clearly having gone through some tough times, Louie was the sweetest little boy. After his grooming his appearance finally matched his personality, and he won even more hearts – including the love of a forever family.

6) Ziggy was found lying next to another dog on a busy country road. Unfortunately, Ziggy’s companion had been hit by a car and died. It was crucial Ziggy be rescued so she didn’t face the same fate. Her rescue wasn’t an easy one though, as it took 12 hours to lure Ziggy away from her friend. Once Ziggy was safe, the next step was freeing her from the rope and burrs that were stuck in her matted fur. Then after some time to heal, Ziggy found a new home and a new furry best friend named Batman, who helped bring joy to Ziggy’s life again.

7) JD had suffered many years of neglect before he was finally brought into his shelter. He had layers of matted fur covering his whole body, including both of his eyes. After a garbage bag of fur was removed from JD, he could finally see the faces of the caring staff who rescued him. He also got a whole new outlook on life. This sweet pup has lots of love to give, and he’s looking forward to getting adopted.

8) Lucy was underweight and covered in matted fur when she arrived at the shelter. After being rescued, she was matched with a foster home to recover from her neglect and she soon flourished. Lucy finally found her happily ever after in a loving home, and she spreads joy wherever she goes.

9) Bentley had been noticed several times hanging out by a bridge, before being brought into the shelter. A volunteer groomer worked her magic and completely transformed him into a handsome gentleman. Bentley was soon adopted into a loving home, and now his hangouts are on a comfy couch.

10) Zen was rescued from a horrendous hoarding case. She arrived at the shelter with mange that required regular medicated baths. The 6-month-old pup went from sick, to healthy, to spunky in no time. As her name implies, she is a happy and relaxed girl ready for her forever home.

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