Protect your home from fire and storms with tough-as-nails exterior products

(BPT) – Investing in your safety pays off, whether you live in a coastal region prone to hurricanes or in a place fires can occur and storms inevitably strike. Preparing your exterior with fire-resistant, water-resistant siding and hurricane storm-rated shutters can ensure your home stands up to nature’s harshest elements – and weathers them beautifully. Fortifying your home exterior to resist fires and ride out storms is doable when you choose durable and innovative Grayne Engineered Shake & Shingle siding and Atlantic Premium Shutters.

An engineered composite, Grayne features a high-performance weather-resistant cap, which resists moisture absorption. Unlike cedar shingles, it will never cup, curl, crack or split and never needs painting. It can also easily replace or complement fiber cement or engineered wood siding.

Fast and easy to install, its cavity back design allows for airflow behind the panel, saving time and money versus installing on wooden laths. To deliver the most genuine look, Grayne’s patent pending dual offset installation method enables the shingle siding to be easily installed in the same layout as natural cedar. This also prevents keyway stacks.

Extremely durable, Grayne holds a Class 1A Fire Rating, exceeds the 170MPH wind load rating and is certified by Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance. It comes with a 50/5 year limited warranty (50 years against manufacturing defects, 5 years on labor).

With “hurricane shutters,” crafted by Atlantic Premium Shutters for weather extremes, you can safeguard at-risk homes during hurricane and storm seasons. Homeowners appreciate the attractive form and protective functions of their hurricane storm-rated window shutters, which shield glass and seal water out. Both Architectural and Classic Collection designs, from elegant Louvered Shutters to rustic Board and Batten Shutters, come in hurricane storm-rated versions, blending beauty and brawn.

Atlantic Premium Shutters’ Storm Systems all utilize durable 1/8-inch-thick polycarbonate panels affixed to shutter backs. Shutter systems that lock from inside or outside of the home are available. All Atlantic Premium storm-rated shutter systems meet stringent International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Code (IBC) 2006 impact testing requirements. For homes, the Large Missile Impact Test requires shutters to withstand impacts from nine-pound 2’x4′ lumber pieces hurtling at 34 mph, replicating wind-borne debris. Atlantic’s Bahama Storm System also complies with Florida’s 2006 Building Code, one of the strictest nationwide, requiring products to provide rigorous protection against hurricanes. With shutters this strong, you can throw your weather concerns to the wind.

Tapco’s highly durable, low-maintenance Grayne and Atlantic Premium Shutters make storm and disaster preparedness a snap. When you protect your home with the industry’s top fire-resistant siding and toughest storm-rated shutters, Mother Nature is no match. You’ll enjoy decades of lasting strength, unmatched aesthetics, and ultimate peace of mind -come forest fires, hurricanes, rain or shine. Call 1-866-288-2726 for Atlantic Shutters, 888-289-1169 for Grayne or visit for more information.


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