Return to outdoor living with an easy, delivered backyard DIY fireplace

(BPT) – After spending so much time indoors, are you ready to get outside to enjoy Mother Nature, mingle with neighbors and celebrate with loved ones again? Summer is here and many people are more than ready to host backyard get-togethers, and an outdoor fireplace can create the setting for memory making and countless smiles this summer and throughout the year.

More than a bonfire pit, outdoor fireplaces are eye-catching focal points in any yard, offering a gathering area that’s a cozy escape for just one, a couple or a welcoming place to entertain friends. Although many people would love to have an outdoor fireplace, they stop short of getting one because they feel the project may be too complex to do themselves and too costly.

The good news is DIY outdoor fireplace kits from Romanstone by Best Block make it easy to complete this project on time and on budget, whether you make it a weekend task you do yourself or pull in your favorite contractor.

What are DIY outdoor fireplace kits?

Kits have everything needed to complete the project from start to finish, including easy-to-follow, thorough instructions that take you through each step to ensure success. A variety of kits, featuring varied designs, are available from Romanstone so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and space.

Another advantage is you won’t have to run to the home improvement store multiple times like other DIY projects because each kit is conveniently delivered to your home ready to assemble. It saves time because the instructions are clear, color coded and the kit includes unique cut blocks, so there’s no need to rent or purchase special tools. In some ways it’s like the building block projects you completed as a child, but this is for adults and with a much more impressive result.

A DIY outdoor fireplace kit makes a good project to do with your family or friends, providing a sense of accomplishment and an extended living space that can be enjoyed season after season for years to come. If you prefer to have someone else do the work, these kits eliminate the need to pay for design services and you can simply hire a contractor to do the construction and installation. Either way, the project can be complete in just a weekend.

How to get started on your outdoor fireplace project

Explore outdoor fireplace kits that would complement your space by going online to If you have questions, you can reach out to the Romanstone experts online to learn more about the kits and find solutions to any issues or concerns you may have.

When you find the kit that’s perfect for your yard, you can easily order it online. Once the kit is delivered to your home, it’s time to get started. Each kit is designed for simple installation and only requires tools you already have on hand or can purchase affordably from your local home improvement store. If you have any questions about assembling the kit, contact customer service to get answers quickly.

The many benefits of an outdoor fireplace

There’s good reason outdoor fireplaces are so popular. They expand your living space so you can enjoy time outdoors as much as you do indoors. Plus, because they provide an area for warmth, they extend the time you can spend outdoors into the evening and into cooler seasons. Whether you want a quiet place of solitude to watch the fall leaves turn or long to host a gathering with extended family where you can roast marshmallows and share stories around the fire, an outdoor fireplace is the way to make it all happen.

Plus, this investment adds value to your home and can position you for a top price when it’s time to sell. Homebuyers are drawn to homes with attractive outdoors spaces and extra features that enhance livability, so an outdoor fireplace can set your house apart and help you get higher bids.

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