Revive deteriorated concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios by resurfacing

(BPT) – There are many simple and affordable ways to improve the curb appeal of a home. From power washing the siding and painting the shutters to landscaping the front yard and updating the mailbox, homeowners have countless do-it-yourself possibilities that will effectively add curb appeal to their home. However, a commonly overlooked project homeowners should consider more often is renewing old, worn-out concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios with a concrete resurfacer. Thanks to new technology, resurfacing concrete has become a DIY-friendly project rather than being perceived as too difficult or expensive.

For years, the only option for addressing slightly damaged, unattractive concrete was hiring a contractor to tear it up, haul it off and pour a new surface. This entire process can run as much as $5 per square foot, which can add up to thousands of dollars quickly depending on the size of the concrete surface. Today, homeowners have the alternative of resurfacing concrete for as little as 25 cents per square foot. In addition, the most advanced concrete resurfacers like Quikrete Re-Cap are four times stronger than the concrete itself. That means a concrete surface being renewed will fracture or crack before its bond with resurfacer will break. As a result, any homeowner can transform a deteriorated concrete surface into a durable, lasting driveway, sidewalk and patio.

Steps for resurfacing concrete

When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves, then follow these steps:

* First, rigorously clean the concrete with a 3,500 PSI pressure washer to remove all dirt and debris from the concrete surface.

* Repair any deep cracks and spalled areas in the concrete with concrete resurfacer and allow to harden.

* Completely saturate the surface with water and then remove any standing water with a squeegee.

* Place weather stripping over concrete joints.

* Mix one 40-pound bag of concrete resurfacer with water in a five-gallon bucket for about five minutes until a pancake batter consistency is achieved.

* Pour the concrete resurfacer onto the concrete in 1-foot-wide strips.

* Scrub the material into the concrete surface using a long-handled squeegee.

* Evenly spread the concrete resurfacer back and forth onto the concrete surface.

* Apply a non-slip finish using a concrete broom after about five minutes.

* For temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit, moist cure with a fine water mist for 24 to 48 hours.

A 40-pound bag of concrete resurfacer will cover approximately 40 square feet at 1/8 inch thick and up to 80 square feet as skim coat, so it doesn’t require a lot of material to handle most projects, which can be walked on in eight hours and driven on in 24 hours. For more tips, directions and information, including a how-to video on Quikrete Re-Cap, visit or look for Quikrete on social media.


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