Samsung FlexWash/FlexDry Inspired Laundry Room Makeover

Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment you feel when you truly do it yourself. Read on to see how Rachel completely transformed her entire laundry room with the help of The Home Depot.

Samsung FlexWash/FlexDry Inspired Laundry Room Makeover

Choosing the right appliances for your laundry room is one of the most adult-iest things you can do which (for me personally) puts on some pressure. What if it doesn’t work for my space? What if the other humans in my house don’t know how to work it and it breaks? What if it doesn’t hold as much as I need it to? What if, what if, what if…well, The Home Depot answers all those questions and calms those buying nerves … and to top it off, I didn’t even have to go into the store!

Our household consists of myself (woodworker/DIY YouTuber), my boyfriend who is a professional skater, a mini human who is a full time gymnast on her quest to be in the Olympics and a 35 lb micro English Bulldog that doesn’t understand the concept of, “don’t get up on that” especially after rolling in the mud with a basketball.

Our professions and our passions go hand in hand with messes – from saw dust, to asphalt stains from Paul’s skateboard bails to the mini human spilling her latest slime concoction on her competition leotard as we’re on the way out the door. We need a new washer + dryer duo that can keep up.

Upgrading your appliances doesn’t happen often so when you are faced with the task, it can be a bit intense when trying to consider all the things your household needs. I am the only person who does laundry in our home so this made the process a tad bit easier. Not everyone is a list maker but I believe it is crucial when appliance shopping! I began by gathering my ideas on my clipboard and creating a wishlist.

  • Black Appliances – call me crazy but I wanted to get black appliances to force me to switch the color scheme and decor of the laundry room.
  • The Bigger, The Better – as I’ve mentioned previously; all the humans in our household are active, on the go and changing clothes way too often so I needed appliances that could handle larger loads to cut my time down a bit.
  • Efficiency – The washer and dryer we have now has broken four times in the last year. The solution given to us via service tech was to “not put as much in” since it couldn’t handle a heavy load. That meant I cut my regular size loads in half to avoid breaking the drum which dragged out the chore much longer than it needed to be.
  • Able to Handle All The Jobs – In a perfect world, I would take what’s labeled “dry clean only” to the dry cleaners but that doesn’t happen. I wanted to have a wash/dryer that I didn’t have to close my eyes and send “please don’t shrink or warp” vibes as I press the button to start the cycle.
  • Smart – Months ago I heard my trainer say he can check, change, start and stop loads of laundry on his phone ….um, count me in.

After I listed everything out, I started to browse! Choosing the right appliances seemed scary but The Home Depot took the intimidation out of the hunt really quickly. Our schedule took an unexpected turn when my boyfriend sustained his first serious injury in his 20 year career and I wasn’t able to make time to go browse in the store. I thought not being able to see the appliances in person would make the most crucial part also the most difficult.

I grabbed my coffee and settled into my office thinking I was going to be there for a while. Au contraire my friends! Filtering through The Home Depot’s site was a piece of cake. It genuinely didn’t take me longer than fifteen minutes to find the duo of my dreams. I filtered it down by choosing gas, my color and then size. When you read my wishlist, you were also probably thinking to yourself “there’s no way she’ll find that all in one duo”…

Allow me to introduce you to the Samsung 7.5 cu. ft. FlexWash/FlexDry with Steam in a Black Stainless finish! It checked off every single one of my must-haves which sounds way too good to be true but it isn’t – let me walk you through my favorite features!

We previously had white appliances that blended with the entire room. Switching to the Black Stainless finish inspired me to change up the whole space. I decided to brighten it up with a couple coats of Behr’s Ultra Flat White and embrace the black with natural tones throughout. We’ll touch more on that later…

4 – in – 1

The feature that won me over is being able to essentially do four loads at once.

Both appliances have an upper compartment that operate totally independent of one another. It can handle a handful of items whether that be a few of your delicates, dogs toys or your favorite jeans you forgot to wash. In other words… you don’t need to wait for an entire load to build up/you don’t have to feel guilty about doing a load for one garment.

Now these upper compartments can’t hold as much as the bottom but for a household like mine where so many different items need to be washed/dried in a particular way it’s going to save me and our clothes a ton of time!

The Bigger, The Better

Both washer and dryer have a 6 cubic feet capacity. I don’t know about you but with our previous washer and dryer, I would either pull out a load that wasn’t fully dry or there was a load that somehow still had soap on it. With the Samsung FlexWash/FlexDry, I don’t have to worry! It washes and drys thoroughly every time.

Plenty of Options

The washer holds a special place in my heart as I can now choose the soil level – I didn’t even know that was a thing but I’m newly obsessed. When you set your soil level higher, the cycle and length of time will adjust accordingly. But wait, there’s more! Super speed is a feature that allows you to wash a full load in as little as 30 minutes (45% faster).

They’re Smart!

I am a full time DIY YouTuber so content creation, building and never slowing down is the name of my daily routine. By downloading the SmartThings app, I am able to continue to be on-the-go but in the know. I am able to start, stop and check the progress of my loads whilst doing other tasks (aka lifeguarding my dog while she’s in her kiddie pool).

They’re Gorgeous

There really is no denying how beautiful these babies are! This duo inspired me to completely makeover my laundry room to be able to handle all the jobs just as my new appliances do.

I opened up the space by taking down our built-in’s and DIY’ing wall-to-wall floating shelves with a Summer Oak Wood Stain. This not only forced me to store items that we really needed but also to showcase them! One easy way to update your space is to incorporate decorative storage. I decided to go with a mixture of Baskets with Braided Handles and some Woven Hyacinth Storage Baskets to hold my outdoor pillows and laundry needs!

By replacing the sink we never used with a folding station, we are able to sit and fold clothes at our leisure versus piling them on top of ourselves and running upstairs. I built the table myself so I was able to customize the height to fit two Laundry Sorter Carts and a Black Bar Stool.

Once I had all my functional decor out of the way, I wanted to sprinkle some black and white wall decor which The Home Depot had readily available online. I always tackle purchasing decor last. You never know where your heart is going to take you whilst painting or making large cosmetic changes.

Who is she!? It’s a whole new space! Did I mention I tackled this flip solo? Since I documented the process as I went, it took me about three weeks to handle this beast on my own. It is such a sense of accomplishment when you truly do it yourself. Thanks to The Home Depot I have a new found love for a chore I use to hate and an appreciation for a room I use to neglect. I may just move on in.

Complete the laundry makeover of your dreams with the help of The Home Depot. Find more laundry ideas at The Home Depot Blog.

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