Save the World One Energy Star Appliance at a Time

Because the world’s population is increasing, energy conservation and pollution are a growing dilemma. As carbon emissions become a greater threat to our environment, due to pollution and wasteful energy consumption habits, the irreversibility of global warming is a necessary discussion.

You can decrease the size of your carbon footprint by using energy efficient appliances in your home. Here are some easy ways to both save money annually on your electricity bills and preserve the environment using FindTheBest:


  1. 1. Change your light bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs on average last around 8,000 to 9,000 hours and use less electricity than traditional light bulbs.  Use FindTheBest to compare energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs , by sorting  brands, model, model type, bulb life (hours), light output (lumens), wattage and more.  If you have energy efficient lighting, still turn off the lights whenever it is possible.
  2. 2. Turn down the thermostat. Inefficient furnaces guzzle gas without heating your home efficiently.  To find the best energy star furnace to heat your home cheaply during the cold winter months, sort listings by manufacturer, product family code, model series, and fuel type. Furnaces with high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Ratings are more thermally efficient, are better for the environment and for your wallet. Accentuate your environmental responsibility by layering up at home, too, instead of turning up the heater. 
  3. 3. Get a new fridge. Find and compare energy star refrigerators, which use less energy than traditional refrigerators.  All energy star refrigerators use 20% to 63% less energy than traditional refrigerators. Consider important features like configuration (placement of freezer), through-the-door icemaker, and defrost type (partial, manual, or automatic).


Taking these initiatives will save you money and reduce carbon emissions. Whether you are considering a remodel for your home, looking to be more environmentally responsible, or just trying to save money on electricity bills, doing a little research on sites like FindTheBest can help you find the most suitable energy star appliances for your home and your budget.



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