Simplify your kitchen with smart home gadgets

(BPT) – As the heart of the home, the kitchen is often the busiest room of the house — a perfect space to install the latest smart home gadgets. With “smart” sidekicks, you can solve kitchen challenges and simplify the overall cooking process.

Increase cooking efficiency

Whether cooking for one or hosting an elaborate dinner party, smart kitchen solutions can lend a helpful hand in a busy kitchen. The faucet has evolved from a standard two-handle to a single handle that can be turned on and off with a simple touch. This necessary kitchen assistant can streamline cooking tasks for seasoned chefs and novices alike.

Today, Delta VoiceIQ Technology takes this to the next level dispensing exact measurements and filling custom containers like baby bottles, dog bowls or pasta pots, all with a simple voice command. To simplify everything from a quick breakfast on the go to a healthy family dinner, consider investing in devices like a smart oven and connected coffee maker to allow users to preheat and schedule brewing from a mobile device.

Track your kitchen inventory

Intuitive devices can help you shop smarter and reduce food waste. Instead of sniffing out mold and sour scents, apps help track pantry inventory. Simply take pictures of your groceries and input expiration dates. When the next shopping trip comes around, have a list of what items need to be tossed and which foods should remain on the shelf. If looking to make a substantial kitchen update, consider investing in a refrigerator that lets you view the inside of the fridge from your phone.

Avoid cooking messes

When cooking with raw meat or messy ingredients, otherwise mindless tasks like opening the trash and turning on the faucet can become a challenge. Home cooks risk spreading the mess — and germs — in the cooking process. Consider upgrading your Touch2O Delta faucet with VoiceIQ Technology to pair with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to turn the water on and off. Not only do you contain the mess, but you also practice cleanliness in the kitchen while keeping the faucet spotless. Voice-controlled trash cans are also handy investments, encouraging the rest of the family to join in on the cleaning process.

Next time you’re in the kitchen, consider the latest “smart” advances that can solve your kitchen hitches.


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