Simply sleek: How to create today’s top shower design

(BPT) – Love the look of sleek, elegant shower spaces featured in popular home-improvement magazines and TV shows? You don’t need to be a design expert to update your favorite bathroom with touches of modern luxury and influences of European simplicity. To create a fashionable, functional and fabulous shower, follow these three rules.

Rule 1: Create clean lines

A design aesthetic that embraces clean lines is at the heart of sleek shower designs. Skip complicated patterns and ornate details in favor of polished designs that produce a beautiful, finished look.

In shower spaces, consider the surround and flooring transition. Explore joint systems and find one that is seamless and low-maintenance. Consider flat walls rather than traditional curved varieties. Be aware of the visual impact a shower has when viewed both internally and externally.

Clean lines, simple transitions and smart design are keys to creating a timeless sleek shower that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Rule 2: Think beyond tile

More homeowners are looking for tile alternatives to create sleek shower designs, and Kohler’s Choreograph collection is a popular solution. The collection features Serica material, a proprietary composite material that precisely combines crushed stone and fiber reinforcement to create unparalleled durability and beauty.

The Serica walls are available in a variety of decorative options – from simple solid colors to fresh textures, as well as stone-like decorative natural options – all with a matte finish to provide a honed look and textured element. Optional accent panels add visual emphasis or contrast to the overall shower design.

Additionally, the walls can be trimmed in-field to allow installers to cut to the exact dimension of the shower space. Installation is much simpler than with tile, meaning the job can be completed in less time while providing homeowners with an equally beautiful space.

Rule 3: Use functional design

Today’s shower spaces are too often cluttered, which isn’t just uncomfortable – it’s also unsafe. A sleek shower space is enhanced by thoughtful details that make it easy to stay organized.

Start by thinking through your daily routines to help shape the vision of an ultra-functional bathroom space. Keep in mind, sleek design doesn’t necessarily mean minimalist design. The right storage solutions and built-in features will adapt to your routine without overwhelming the space.

The Choreograph collection is ideal for creating a sleek, functional space. The collection includes a variety of decorative walls, a joint system, in-wall storage, on-wall storage and seating in different styles, colors and finishes to create traditional, transitional and contemporary spaces that fit both the functionality and aesthetic needs of homeowners.

Sleek shower designs may be hot, but experts predict this is one trend that is here to stay. By following these three guidelines, you’ll create a stunning shower space you’ll enjoy every day.


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