Sophisticated soak: 3 stylish ways to add a freestanding bathroom tub

(BPT) – Whether it’s a new build, remodel or update, freestanding tubs are a top trend in bathroom spaces. These showstopping centerpieces elevate the visual aesthetic of the room while adding to the overall value of the property. While in high demand, many homeowners have questions about the complexities of adding one to their home.

The good news is that new options are making it easier than ever to have a freestanding tub installed in bathrooms of various shapes and sizes. Consider the Unwind collection of freestanding baths from Sterling, for example. Designed with easy installation in mind, the collection features versatile bathtubs in freestanding or back-to-wall freestanding styles that fit any bathroom space and design aesthetic.

Traditional freestanding bath positioning

When most people think of freestanding bathtubs, they envision a bathroom with a luxurious tub as the focal point centered in the space. A freestanding placement leaves room around the entire tub and is a beautiful option for bathrooms with ample space. This stand-alone statement piece provides spa-like appeal in the bathroom.

Wall-facing freestanding tub placement

A freestanding tub can be positioned along a wall as well, which is a good option for bathrooms with unique designs or moderate space restrictions. This could include an oval-shaped tub or a rectangle style that flanks more closely to the wall, helping to open up space while still providing the luxe experience of a deep soaking tub.

Corner freestanding tub positioning

Some homeowners prefer a corner placement for a freestanding bath because of the visual appeal and space-saving qualities.

The Unwind Bath Collection has options for all three bathroom placements and consists of a sculptural oval bath, a crisp-edged rectangle bath, and a back-to-wall bath that is ideal for smaller spaces and offers a faucet deck and an open back, which allows for easy faucet installation. All three styles come in a 59-by-30-inch model. The oval bath and back-to-wall bath also come in 67-by-32-inch models. The rectangle bath is also available in a slightly smaller 67-by-30-inch size.

Easier installation options

All of the Unwind baths offer a single-piece, seamless design with a built-in integral overflow. The concealed legs can be adjusted for the ideal height for the homeowner and space. An above-floor rough-in and white toe-tap drain are included on all models.

Freestanding baths are on trend and in demand by homeowners of all ages. Providing a stylish focal point for the bathroom, they offer a luxurious way to reduce stress and soothe muscles. For additional information and inspiration visit


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