Staycationing? 3 projects to turn the bath into a refuge

(BPT) – If you’re finding yourself poring over color samples instead of vacation brochures, you just might be in a staycation state of mind. And you’re not alone. Home renovation expenditures are expected to spike and remain elevated into 2022, with 8.6% annual growth, according to Harvard University. Even when you are staying put, there’s still a lot you can do to renew your soul, like transforming your home into the gorgeous oasis you’ve always wanted.

Not sure where to begin? Consider beginning in the bathroom, the sanctuary of the home, and invest in a bidet, a device that transforms your daily routine. That and some design-forward upgrades can create a spa-like atmosphere that’s worthy of a staycation. The beauty of this plan? There’s a way for everyone to do it.

For inspiration, here are some staycation-worthy bath upgrades for any budget.

Step one: Get a high-quality bidet.

Bidets have been growing in popularity, and there are plenty of models and features to choose from. How do you start the search? It’s important to focus on quality as well as spa-like features. TOTO, for example, is world famous for remaking the bidet into an everyday luxury and has continued perfecting it for the past 40 years.

Step two: Choose your project.

Personalize your apartment: With these ingenious updates, you can feel more at home without putting the damage deposit at risk. Peel-and-stick wallpaper lets you trade apartment beige for daring colors and striking patterns. Thrift store finds like an ornate shelf or a funky vintage mirror lend the place that artsy urban vibe. Finally, swap the standard-issue toilet seat with a bidet attachment. The WASHLET by TOTO is the original high-tech, luxury bidet seat that’s easy to install and easy to take along once the lease is up. Pure, clean, heated water will leave you feeling more refreshed than ever after a bathroom break.

Weekend update: Ready for change, but not ready for a full renovation? Try one of these transformative weekend projects. A coat of paint along with shiny new drawer pulls can make your old vanity feel like new. Designer tile draws focus — a statement wall or a backsplash can make a big impact with less work. As the finishing touch, the WASHLET+ joins bidet and toilet into one seamless design that adds luxury without subtracting from the look of your updated space.

Royal treatment: Transform the primary bath in your home into a five-star escape. Bold updates, such as heated flooring or a fireplace, will leave you feeling like a VIP. Or how about a living wall of plants? It’s a unique way to bring the tropics into your indoor space. When it’s time to choose your bidet, nothing but the top of the line will do. The luxury you’re looking for can be found in the NEOREST. With a design that’s inspired by the natural beauty of pebbles shaped by water over time, this bidet also has many luxurious features. You’ll get personalized settings for washing and warm air drying, automatic features and advanced technologies that let you spend less time cleaning and more time luxuriating in your remade space.

Ready to turn your bath into a vacation-worthy escape? A bidet provides the perfect addition to any project. Get inspired and visit the virtual showroom at


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