Staying secure beyond National Home Safety Month

(BPT) – Assessing and updating your home’s security measures should be a year-round focus for homeowners. While timely reminders, such as National Home Safety Month, are great for encouraging immediate action, these considerations should remain top-of-mind 365 days of the year.

Data collected in recent years by the FBI has revealed that there are roughly 2.5 million burglaries a year. This averages out to one burglary about every 13 seconds nationwide. So, while many feel safe and secure at home, one can never be too prepared when it comes to protecting your loved ones.

But what’s the solution? Beyond evaluating your surroundings and identifying unsecure access points, many homeowners can benefit from taking proactive preventative measures to ensure their homes and families are protected. And while installing an expensive, high-tech security system is an easy solution, there are other measures that can be taken in order to provide immediate barriers and establish a safer distance from potential threats.

Here are four effective ways to easily prepare and protect your home year-round.

1. Identify unsecure parts of the home

Before even implementing a home security plan, examine all the doors and windows in your house. Pay close attention to whether there are any windows that are accessible from ground-level or ones that might not lock properly.

Likewise, identify any doors in your house that may feel “at risk.” This can be doors without deadbolts, older ones that may easily be knocked in, or those that are hidden and darkly lit, making them ideal for home invaders to stealthily leverage as they are away from public view.

Reevaluate each door, window or entryway and determine a game plan for increased home security.

2. Strengthen door security

If your primary concern is reinforcing your doors, there are a number of easy-to-install and affordable options to help support hinged and sliding doors. Designed for nearly every door, products such as an adjustable Door Security Bar can provide a strong grip and help prevent doors from opening.

However, if you would prefer to alert people when an intruder is present, a SABRE Door Stop Alarm can provide peace of mind. Designed to look like a simple door wedge, a piercing alarm sounds when the door opens slightly and pressure is applied, drawing immediate attention to the situation from up to 1,500 feet away. The compact design of a Door Stop Alarm makes it an ideal travel accessory. It can be easily set up on any hotel door or rental property, bringing an added sense of security on the road.

3. Safeguard windows

When looking to protect windows, as well as doors, one of the most cost-effective solutions can be installing the portable Door and Window Alarm Kit which comes with four total alarms. Effortlessly affixing onto any window, this alarm requires no additional wiring and emits a loud 120dB sound when it detects an unwanted intruder entering, serving as both a deterrent as well as an attention-grabbing signal to homeowners and surrounding neighbors up to 750 feet away.

4. Take home defense to the next level

Home intrusions can leave homeowners feeling vulnerable, especially if these incidents happen while they are home. Having products at-the-ready to help maximize protection while simultaneously creating safety at a distance from multiple threats are an absolute must. One easy-to-use, readily accessible solution for homeowners is the SABRE Home Defense Pepper Gel, which is designed specifically for using indoors with an 18-foot range. Another option for those seeking additional home security measures is the Pepper Spray Launcher Home Defense Kit, which allows for greater distance between the homeowner and intruder. The Launcher deploys pepper powder projectiles up to 175 feet away, offering more stopping power and creating an even safer distance between your family and an intruder.


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