Sunrooms – A Beautiful Addition that is Easier than You Think

The urge to have more space for the family to spread out in your home or an extra area for entertaining guests is an ongoing desire for every home owner. Very often though the building of an addition is simply cost prohibitive or sometimes a lack of garden and lawn space prevents it.

With new methods available many homes can have valuable room added on quickly and affordably. Even better, is a room that adds a great amount of utility and purpose as well as stunning visual appeal and potential resale value. Sunrooms make attractive multipurpose rooms that add not only to floor space but give greater effect on the feel of spaciousness.

To add on a sunroom you will need an area to place it. Most often you would consider an eastern or southern exposure. Eastern exposure will take best advantage of warming morning sun while reducing the higher heat of afternoon sun. A southern exposure can actually help add warmth and reduce heating costs in colder months.

If you already have an existing covered porch or patio turning it into a sunroom is the definition of simplicity. It will allow you take seasonal use portion of your home and convert it to year round use whilst adding to possible uses. Lacking that a relatively small amount of lawn or garden space can be used to make an excellent sunroom addition.

Because of the extensive use of glass lending feeling of openness a 6 foot wide addition that would feel like a closet with conventional walls is roomy and inviting in a sunroom. Obviously wider is easily accommodated. Check local building codes for foundation requirements but most places 18 inches of gravel topped with 4 inches of concrete is more than adequate as a base. This can be accomplished yourself but a service can dig and do such a job in a day or two easily.

By converting an existing window or two facing the direction of the new sunroom into a door or doors no structural changes are needed to the side of the home. You can also easily have an electrician turn a couple wall sockets to the outside after removing outer siding. Framing in the floor and the existing side is accomplished with little difficulty by yourself if so inclined or by a construction company. The other three walls need only tracks in top and bottom. Installation of frameless glass and frameless glass sliding doors between supports adds a beautiful sunroom with lower cost and far faster than conventional walls.

It is optional whether to have doors into sunroom open or with similar glass or sliding door design. This addition makes a perfect sitting area or tea spot for small gatherings in a smaller size or in larger dimension a focal room for entertaining. The safety glass is thermally efficient and available with different glazing for privacy and UV protection.

Frameless Glass sliding doors can also be used to simply replace current windows or doors if an actual addition is no desired offering the benefit of easy installation and larger more naturally lit appearance in rooms.


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