The 5 best ways to get your house ready to fight spring allergies

(BPT) – Spring is not only a time for renewal around the house, but also for battling pesky allergies. While you can’t stop allergies from happening each spring, there are easy ways to reduce their effects in your home.

Home space expert Egypt Sherrod shares her tips for refreshing your home décor, while also reducing allergens and dust, for a total spring home refresh.

1. Fight back with asthma and allergy-friendly appliances

Turning your home into an allergy-fighting fortress is key this spring. Look for LG’s lineup of asthma and allergy friendly(R) certified laundry appliances and air purifier solutions by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). They not only reduce the impact of allergies in your home, but also provide a sleek new look for your spring home refresh.

“I especially love LG Styler, a first-of-its-kind steam clothing care system that reduces 99.9% of allergens on your favorite clothes, bedding, pillows and much more with just the gentle power of steam,” says Sherrod. “I also just helped a family in Springfield, Mass., the number 5 allergy capital in the U.S., upgrade their home with an LG front-load washer and PuriCare 360 air purifier to help the family breathe a little easier with allergen-fighting technologies.” Using both of these appliances helps reduce airborne allergens as well as those stuck in the fibers on your favorite clothes and bedding, she explains. Not only do these appliances make for a healthier home, but they come in a variety of finishes that fit perfectly into any type of existing home decor. Nothing says spring refresh like new appliances.

2. Replace your old throw pillows

If you haven’t done this recently, it’s a good rule of thumb to replace your pillows every two years to keep allergies at bay, Sherrod recommends. Swapping old pillows for new 100% cotton ones are the easiest way to give your living room and bedroom a fresh boost of color and pattern, while also reducing dust and other allergens lurking in old pillows.

3. New bedding

Although you may not see them, your bedding is covered in allergens like dust and pet dander. An easy fix to spruce up your bedroom is through replacing old comforters, blankets and sheets with asthma and allergy friendly(R) solutions. Sherrod advises getting rid of the synthetic fabrics, as they can be allergy irritants. Natural fabrics are more asthma and allergy friendly.

4. Replace real flowers with artificial flowers

Although they are beautiful, real flowers can be a mighty allergy instigator. Not to mention they die quickly and smell up the house when they rot. “Look into life-like artificial flowers,” says Sherrod. “They’ll still add the pop of spring color you want, but they’ll last longer, and you’ll breathe easier.”

5. Swap out rugs

Your choice of rug can be the leading cause of your sneezing fits. The materials used to manufacture rugs can sometimes cause an allergic reaction as well as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The presence of a dog or cat in your home can also aggravate your allergies. When it comes to rugs, your rug ends up collecting pet dander. This dander can also collect pollen and dust, which can all worsen allergies. It is recommended to invest in a vacuum cleaner with a built-in HEPA filter, and to vacuum thoroughly one to two times a week. Also flip area rugs over and vacuum on the back as well as the front. Sherrod strongly recommends swapping out your current rug for allergy-friendly fibers like sisal, jute, wool or polypropylene.

Following these steps may not cure your allergies altogether, but they will definitely help you breathe easier this spring, and year-round. Making these changes will also give you opportunities to refresh your decor, brightening up the look and feel of your home. For more information on how to effectively battle allergies this spring and beyond, please visit


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