The 5 podcasts you should be listening to right now

(BPT) – If you love a good podcast, you’re not alone. According to Podcast Insights, 73 million Americans listen to podcasts regularly, seven per week on average. You can find a podcast about virtually any subject that strikes your fancy, so if you’re looking for a new show to engage and delight you, there is no shortage of fun, information, news, controversy and commentary out there for you to choose from. But where do you start?

Here are five wildly entertaining, addictive podcasts that are definitely worth a listen. They all highlight and celebrate relatable, real-life moments that will capture your heart and tickle your funny bone. All you need is a pair of earbuds, and you’re good to go.

How Did This Get Made?

As the story goes, comedians Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael were in a bar talking about how bad the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps was, and the idea for “How Did This Get Made?” was born. Highbrow Siskel-and-Ebert-style commentary about cinema, it’s not. This laugh-out-loud podcast features the hosts and other guests talking about current movies. If you’ve seen the movie, you will love hearing their thoughts about it, but even if you haven’t caught the film yet, this hilarious show will have you laughing anyway. If you’ve ever thought about sneaking off to a matinee in the middle of a workday (and we know you have) these are the people you want to take along.

Pet Parents, Oversharing

Do you have a pet you call your fur baby? Do you secretly watch cat or dog videos on company time? There’s a new podcast aimed squarely at you. Hosted by two comedians and now available for streaming, “Pet Parents, Oversharing” explores all of life’s moments we share with our best furry friends, from the endearing to the embarrassing and hilariously awkward, reminding us of the bond that pet parents share. No topic is off limits and you’ll be sure to roll over with your pup in laughter or feel inspired to strike up a friendly chat next time you head to the dog park. Developed by the folks at Freshpet, “Pet Parents, Oversharing” helps pet parents get through the day knowing they’re not going it alone. Tune in to Pet Parents, Oversharing for stories about all things paw, fur and tail.

Keep It

Daily Beast culture critic Ira Madison III and co-hosts Kara Brown and Louis Virtel are joined each Wednesday by comedians, journalists and others for a discussion of pop culture, politics, terrible celebrity tweets, events like the Oscars and more. Nothing is out of bounds, from Melania’s grammatically challenged Be Best campaign to Louis C.K.’s unwanted comeback to Meghan Markle’s annoying father, to how much John McCain loved ABBA. These three hosts are talking about what everyone is thinking. It’s the ultimate virtual water cooler discussion.

This Is Love

This intriguing podcast investigates life’s most persistent mystery: love. You’ll hear individual, real-life stories of true love, sacrifice and even obsession. You’ll meet Nino and Drew, who kept their relationship a secret for more than 40 years, and then they decided to do something that forced them into the national spotlight. There’s also the story of David, who went for a run in Central Park and started talking to a stranger, who turned out to be the love of his life. And Brenda Jackson, who became a bestselling novelist by writing 120 books about her first romance. Listening to the love stories of real people will make you feel that anything is possible when we bet everything on the one we love.

My Brother, My Brother and Me

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy are brothers who are not experts in anything, but they have a popular podcast in which they dispense advice about various subjects, answer questions submitted by listeners or on Yahoo Answers, and provide addicting and hilarious commentary about nothing in particular. Known as MBMBaM by faithful listeners, the podcast features regular segments including The Munch Squad, in which they recite and ridicule news about new food products, and Haunted Doll Watch, which highlights online classifieds of haunted or possessed dolls. This is like the table conversation at the best Thanksgiving dinner of your life.


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