This budget-friendly innovation lets you add a bathroom anywhere

(BPT) – After years of home improvement enthusiasm, homeowners are approaching renovations differently. Inflation means projects cost more, but rather than shelving their home improvement dreams, homeowners are being strategic by choosing renovations that are budget-friendly with a focus on functional spaces, like the bathroom.

Case in point: Nearly 28% of American homeowners plan to spend “significantly” less compared to last year, according to a survey by Today’s Homeowner. However, the vast majority of homeowners — 90% — said they were planning to tackle at least one home renovation project this year.

With budgets top of mind, many people may think a new bathroom is off the table. While traditional bathroom additions and remodels can be costly due to things like demolition and complex plumbing configurations, above-floor technology is making bathroom updates more accessible and affordable than ever.

Above-floor macerating systems

You can cut costs considerably by using an up-flushing, macerating system from Saniflo. This technology operates above the floor, so you can install a bathroom virtually anywhere. You are no longer limited to spaces with existing below-floor plumbing or having to rip up flooring or demo concrete to install new plumbing.

How does this work? Saniflo’s compact upflush systems efficiently process and pump waste away to the nearest drain line or sewer system. This is ideal for spaces that do not have below-floor plumbing or where someone has previously told you a bathroom addition would be impossible, including basements, attics, garages, storage closets, pool houses and much more.

Saniflo offers different options depending on your needs. For half baths — meaning a bathroom with a toilet and sink, no shower or tub — the Saniaccess 2 is ideal. For full baths with a toilet, shower and tub, the Saniaccess 3 is the best choice. Learn more at

Saniflo’s above-floor plumbing macerating pump systems are a great option when you want to add or update a bathroom but don’t want to spend a lot of money or do a lot of demolition. To save even more money, consider these three additional ways to keep your home bathroom project low-cost.

Improve versus expand: Want a bigger space? Knocking down walls is messy, intensive work. If you want to expand the space, consider replacing a hinged door with a pocket door. A recessed medicine cabinet and bowed shower curtain can improve functionality while making spaces feel larger.

Lighten and brighten: A fresh coat of paint in a new hue is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update a space. To further update the look, consider cleaning or repairing any white elements, such as scrubbing grout, redoing caulk and painting the ceiling. Fresh white details make everything look new.

Fix rather than replace: Instead of buying new, consider how you can repair and update existing features. For example, new bathroom vanities are costly, so what if you resurfaced or painted your current one and then updated the hardware with modern handles and drawer pulls? Another option is to shop secondhand to save and refresh bathroom fixtures yourself.

No one likes inflation but it doesn’t mean you have to put home improvement projects on hold. By looking for creative solutions that save time and money, you’ll be surprised just how much you can do while staying on budget.


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