Three Essentials for a New Bathroom

A lot of people ask me about bathrooms, which isn’t as strange as it sounds as I’ve been designing them for nearly 20 years now. With so many different styles available nowadays it’s always an adventure designing a bathroom for someone. It’s honestly a lot more fun and creative than it sounds.

Obviously there are staples that most bathrooms can’t do without, but when you’ve been at this job as long as I have you start to favour certain designs and types over others. There are things that remain close to the surface of your mind when you have that clean canvas in front of you, ready to start painting. Then there are the things that you just shouldn’t be without.

Hopefully this article will be helpful and informative to those of you toying with the idea of redesigning your bathroom. If not, then perhaps it will give some of you an idea of things to think about so you can plan ahead before embarking on such a mammoth task.

1. Toilet Choices

Every bathroom needs one. Well, okay, technically they don’t if they’re primarily a washroom, but certainly the majority have a toilet. Concerning which toilet style to go for really depends on the size of the bathroom you’re working in. If you’re looking to save on space wherever you can then a back to wall toilet unit could very well aid you in that quest. If, however, space isn’t too much of an issue then look no further than close coupled toilets. They come in a range of designs, from the traditional style with the cistern sitting further back from the bowl to more modern imaginings which often look like an all-in-one piece.

2. Bath or Shower?

This is probably the most common decision made in the early stages of bathroom design, and it really is down to your own preferences. Showers are obviously a lot more convenient, so if a mad morning rush is the norm for you then you would benefit more from one of these units. If a slow soak in the tub is more important to you, then there are a range of freestanding, single or double ended designs around or even corner units to save on space.

Most people meet somewhere in the middle and opt for a tub with a shower unit that is easily attached for the best of both worlds. I’m personally a shower guy myself, and would highly recommend a walk in shower not only for the aesthetic value but for the space. I don’t much enjoy cramped shower cubicles, though there are plenty of larger enclosures available today.

3. Storage

Bathrooms are home to an array of weird and wonderful items, from toothbrushes to combs and all manner of lotions, shampoos and other bottles. For this reason, it’s essential to have fitted bathroom furniture to store these things and there are a variety of different styles and sizes to choose from. Mirror cabinets are useful as a means to save on space, if that’s an issue for you, and having a counter top basin on top of a cupboard as opposed to a pedestal basin provides some extra storage space. If you only have a small area to play around with, or you know you have a lot of stuff that will live in your new bathroom, then make sure you have enough space for the amount of cabinets you’re likely to need. Vertical radiators are a great way of utilising upper wall space, so if you don’t think you’d have enough room for that big floor cabinet then this might be a solution.


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