Tips for Decorating Your Conservatory

A conservatory can be a difficult room to decorate, as it almost feels like it’s in limbo between the home and garden. The way you choose to decorate your conservatory depends what purpose you had in mind for it. However, most people opt for a conservatory as a cheaper way to extend their homes, making a little more space for a growing family. If this sounds familiar to you, then consider these points when choosing the décor.

Continue the Colour Scheme

When decorating a conservatory, continuing the colour scheme that’s in the room adjacent to it will instantly make it feel like an extension of your living space. You don’t have to produce a carbon copy of your existing home décor, but including colour accents and similar patterns will keep things feeling coordinated and encourage you to treat it as an extension of your home, rather than an addition to the garden.


It’s tempting to go for the classic wicker conservatory furniture, but the truth is it’s often uncomfortable and is even a little dated. Instead, choose a proper upholstered sofa (avoid leather though; conservatories are notorious for being extremely hot in the summer). Comfortable furniture that you can kick back and relax on will encourage you to use the space more often; you could even turn it into a mini extra living room complete with television.


Fitting blinds in your conservatory is essential if you want to spend time in there on an evening. Automated blinds like the ones from Niche Blinds will ensure there are no small draughts and you don’t have to bother shutting and opening them on a morning; it’s all done for you!

Make it Cosy

Conservatories can be chilly in the evenings as they’re not insulated like the rest of your house. Having a heater fitted is an essential otherwise you’ll never venture in there once the winter comes around. Soft rugs are a must if you don’t have heated flooring, as wooden conservatory flooring is particularly chilly. Attach fairy lights around the edges of the ceiling for an ambient glow, and place lamps on side tables in the corners to make it feel homely.

If you’re struggling to visualise how your bare, uninviting conservatory could possibly become a well loved area of your home, check out this pin on Pinterest; now, that’s what we’re talking about.


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