Tips for the ultimate vacation with your pet

(BPT) – With the warmer weather, you’ve likely kicked your travel plans into high gear. From a tropical getaway to an adventurous excursion, dream destinations are a staple of the season. Whether your dog is coming along for the trip or staying behind, here are four ways to be fully prepared for a family vacation, keeping your furriest family member in mind.

Practice precaution. Take your dog on a trial run. If traveling by car, see how your pet handles shorter rides before embarking on the full trip. These short rides can be to the park for some outdoor fun to create a positive association with car time. For any ride, make sure to feed your dog a few hours before the trip to prevent car sickness. If traveling by plane, take the time to understand your airline’s pet policy so you’re fully prepared before the big day. Give yourself plenty of time before arriving to the airport to take your dog on a relaxing walk to get rid of any pre-flight jitters, and to get them ready for an in-flight nap. No matter which way you travel, be sure to bring along some cleaning supplies for any messy moments.

Safety and security. Just as each member of your family should be buckled up, your dog should also be secured in a carrier or with a seatbelt-attaching harness. This means no head out the window for your travel companion, regardless of how cute they look. For stops and sights along the way, make sure you’re prepared for a potentially hot climate both inside and outside of the car. In the summer, the ground can reach very high temperatures and can cause burns to your pet’s paws. Make sure to stop in shaded or grassy areas if you’re doing some local sightseeing. If your pet has protective booties, they’ll be even more prepared to fully enjoy the trip. It’s not always feasible for your furry family member to come along. If they are staying behind, give yourself some peace of mind and ensure they stay with a sitter whom you both trust.

Familiar finds. Your pet may be thrown off by the unfamiliar sights and sounds along the way. Bring along their favorite toy or treats to provide comfort and a little piece of home. Keep their taste buds tingling and their tummies happy with ACANA Singles treats. Perfect for dogs with even the most sensitive stomachs, these single-protein treats use raw meat for a delicious snack that is easy to take along for the ride. If you’ll be spending some pet-free time on your trip, and plan to leave your furry friend in the hotel room for a few hours, create a safe space to keep them calm. This is where their favorite blankets and treats will help them feel extra comfortable and more at home.

Take breaks. Be perceptive to your pet’s needs and make stops along your route every two to three hours. Being mindful of the opportunities for your dog to take a bathroom break, be sure to also keep them hydrated by bringing along a portable water bowl and bottled water so their tummy isn’t upset by the drinking water from an unfamiliar area. You can even use these breaks to get some exercise to ensure they’re game for the long haul. As a bonus, you’ll also have some time to stretch as well. But be sure to have your pet close by during your stops. Dogs can be very curious in new places, so you’ll want to keep them by your side so the whole family can continue to enjoy your travels as planned.


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