Tips to ensure you have the right tools for your spring yardwork

(BPT) – With temperatures rising, it’s time to get your lawn and garden in shape for spring. Do you have the right tools for the job?

Choosing lawn equipment is not a one-size-fits-all task. Each lawn is different, so your approach for your personal yard is unique, too. It’s important to consider not only the size and configuration of your yard, but your own needs and goals. How much time do you spend on lawn care? How much do you want to spend on tools? How much time are you willing to spend on your yard throughout the season?

Follow these tips to ensure you have the right tools for the job this spring.

Lawn cleanup

Most people start with an overall cleanup. This means light raking and removing fallen branches and debris.

Do you have a good rake or leaf blower for the job? You’ll want a light duty rake to keep from harming the grass, to break up thatch and remove dead leaves. If weeds have sprung up, you’ll want to nip those in the bud. While curved shaft trimmers are easy to maneuver for smaller yards and flower beds, straight shaft trimmers are best for longer weeds. You can find the right Husqvarna trimmer for any job you might have. An attachment-capable trimmer will reduce the number of tools in your shed.

Cleanup may also include pruning dead branches from trees or shrubs, so it’s important to make sure your pruning shears or clippers are in good shape and get them sharpened if necessary. Use good quality hedge trimmers to shape shrubs before they start growing out of control. Husqvarna battery-powered hedge trimmers are easy to use.


Depending how the winter was where you live, you may not need to water your lawn immediately, but if it’s been dry, your lawn and flowers will need water to grow and bloom. Whether you water now or later, check hoses and sprinklers to make sure everything’s in proper working order. Investing in a sturdy new hose and/or sprinkler can help you get through the spring and summer problem-free.

Prepping soil

Spring is the time to aerate your lawn and loosen soil in your flower beds. Use a tiller or cultivator to loosen the soil, so oxygen can reach plant roots. If you’ve had issues with thatch and poorly performing grass in your lawn, aeration can help. It allows nutrients, air and water to penetrate thatch to boost grass growth. Both hand aerators and power aerators are available. Rather than buying one, however, you can rent a plug or spike aerator, or hire a professional to do it for you.

Fertilizing and seeding

If you don’t have one, now’s the time to get a fertilizer/seed spreader. They’re not expensive and are easy to use for spreading either grass seed or fertilizer.


Knowing the appropriate time to mow is key. Mowing too soon might not give your grass the proper chance to grow. And don’t cut the grass too short the first time. In the meantime, check your mower to be sure everything is running correctly and the blades are sharp. If you’ve had your mower awhile or feel it’s inadequate for your yard, consider what you need in a mower and research the latest options. Husqvarna dealers are always available to help you assess your mower — and other spring tool — needs.

If your yard is under 1/3 acre, you can use a push mower. You can use a self-propelled walk mower for up to a half acre. If you have obstacles such as flowerbeds or sloping ground, choose a push mower with high rear wheels that’s easier to maneuver. For larger lawns, especially flat ones, a riding mower works well. Zero-turn mowers, often used by professionals, are suitable for yards up to 2 acres. For a yard with obstacles, a zero-turn mower is a smart choice and typically performs well on slopes (take extra care on steeper grades). Front-wheel drive (FWD) mowers handle flat terrain, while rear-wheel drive (RWD) mowers perform well on slopes. Choose an all-wheel drive (AWD) mower for the best of both worlds.

Robotic mowers can handle narrow passages and slopes and are suitable for yards up to 1 1/4 acres. A huge advantage of robotic mowers is that they ease the strain of mowing, cutting just a little grass at a time, more frequently, which naturally fertilizes the lawn with tiny clippings. The result is a greener, healthier lawn. Having a robotic mower will give you back time to do things you truly enjoy.

For example, Husqvarna’s Automower robotic lawn mower can handle grades up to 26 degrees. It can also navigate complex lawns and mows day and night, in any weather. Husqvarna’s Automower robotic lawn mower is silent, and safe around pets and children, and it even resists theft with a built-in alarm, and you can control and monitor it using its smartphone app.

With the right tools, yardwork can be a snap, and you can get back to what you enjoy — spending time with friends and family in your beautiful yard.


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