Top Gardening Trends for 2020

(BPT) – Whether you have an outdoor oasis or are a nurturing indoor plant parent, gardening offers a multitude of benefits and has the power to brighten up any space or mood. Spring is the time to plan what plants to grow, and with some expert insight on top trends, you’ll be gardening with success and enjoying the results.

The team at Ball Horticultural Company shares the top trends for 2020, guiding plant lovers at all levels to confidently grow a garden, big or small.

Indoor Garden Rooms

Mother Nature has made her way indoors with more people planting inside their homes in a variety of ways. Whether it’s creating a soothing space by a windowsill filled with houseplants or growing your own edible herbs and microgreens in your kitchen, planting indoors is on the rise. Serious plant-lovers are even dedicating entire interior spaces to gardening, creating “garden rooms” or “indoor jungles.”

Indoor gardening lets homeowners experience the benefits of plants wherever they live, regardless of the weather outdoors. Easy-to-care-for houseplants, such as Dieffenbachia, a strong and sturdy plant that has stunning and unique tropical leaves, makes people feel like they are on vacation in their own homes. Studies show that foliage plants also clean indoor air and lift overall spirits. Finally, don’t be afraid of indoor flowering plants like Gerbera or Cyclamen. Their flowers last 3-4 weeks and are available in many colors to fit your mood or match your seasonal décor.

PanAmerican Seed offers the Kitchen Minis® collection as an option for gardeners who want to grow and harvest their own vegetables year-round. These potted vegetable plants can thrive on a sunny windowsill or counter. With Kitchen Minis, such as the Siam Edible Potted Tomato, people can pluck ingredients right from the container in their kitchen to use in a recipe. The collection also includes sweet and hot peppers with more options to come.

Gardening for Health and Wellness

It’s no secret that consuming fresh vegetables and herbs is beneficial to one’s physical health, and gardening at home puts a variety of flavorful produce within arm’s reach. The benefits of gardening also extend to mental health, as tending a garden and being close to nature helps reduce stress, calm anxiety and acts as a mood-booster.

Herbs are a simple place to start when growing your own food. You can’t go wrong with Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil, which adds flavor to many dishes like fresh Caprese salad. This beautiful, column-like plant not only gives a bountiful harvest, it is also late to flower and can be paired with colorful flowers in a mixed container for month after month of hand-plucked flavor and garden enjoyment.

Mardi Gras Fun Snack Peppers from Burpee Plants are the perfect healthy miniature peppers that add a conversation piece to any garden. They’re available in four eye-catching color options that can be grown together in one container for a fun patio display, and kids adore helping to grow, pick and eat these crunchy snacks.

Aromatherapy is also a popular wellness practice, with lavender plants topping the list of must-haves because of its reputation for inspiring relaxation. SuperBlue English Lavender grows rich blue blooms on short flower spikes, providing a calming scent and great garden texture. Alternatively, Primavera Spanish Lavender flowers throughout the summer, displaying great heat tolerance with bushy, scented florets that attract bees and other pollinators.

Bold Colors

Bold colors are planted in gardens across the country and different hues blanket landscapes large and small. Additionally, people with container gardens are planting flowers known for their vivid color for instant impact, making this trend accessible to all, including those who live in a condo or apartment with limited outdoor garden space.

Some standout plants that feature the best bold hues include Galaxy Geranium, a brand-new series that is vigorous enough to keep its large, semi-double blooms in-color all season. Look for stunning dark red, pink, purple, salmon, violet, watermelon and white, giving gardeners the option to choose their favorite shade or create a rainbow of flowers.

Another bold option that is wonderful for sunny borders or bright corners is Rose Marvel Salvia. Its mega-large bloom stems result in spectacular displays in spring and summer so you’ll enjoy color throughout the warm months. The rose-pink flowers are deer and rabbit resistant, plus they rebloom without being cut back, saving time and minimizing maintenance.

Ask for these plants at your favorite garden retailer, and you’re on your way to experiencing all that flowers have to offer. To learn more about these plants and the top gardening trends of the year, visit the plant experts at


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