Turn Your Bedroom into a Blissful Oasis

(HIB) – If your bedroom is more like a catastrophe than an oasis, it may be time to wake up and take on the chaos. Designers and sleep experts agree that your bedroom should be a peaceful refuge, a restful retreat that creates an atmosphere conducive to sleep and relaxation.

Five Tips to Turn Chaos into Bliss

1. Cut the clutter: The more stuff you have in the room, the smaller and more confining the room will appear.

2. Adults only, please: Eliminate from the room all reminders that you have children; your bedroom is about you and your partner.

3. Keep the room purposeful: Our homes have become as crowded as our lives and often our bedrooms do double duty as our home offices, but experts agree that you should get the office and computer out of the bedroom.

4. When it comes to bed linens, splurge away!: Your skin will be in contact with your linens for six to eight hours every night.

5. Decoration should be simple but dear to your heart: Stick with colors, textures and images that are meaningful and relaxing to you.

* Your focal point could be a large piece of decorative furniture.

* You could build your design around a wall mural: A mural of a sensual tropical scene or restful garden could set the tone. You could even personalize your mural by having a favorite photograph – a romantic scene from your honeymoon, the towering oak tree that grew in the backyard of your childhood home – turned into an easy-to-install wallpaper mural.

To learn more about wallpaper murals and customizing your own mural, visit www.muralsyourway.com.

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