What’s a Little Flooring Between Friends?

Depending on the exact type of flooring that you choose and then purchase for your home environment, there are various benefits that come with each choice of flooring type. For the purposes of this short article, let us just compare the benefits of two kinds of flooring types: wood flooring and cork flooring, which are basically on opposite ends of the flooring spectrum.

After you have digested the following information, it may be wise to head to UK Flooring Direct, where you can see some additional information about the benefits of these two, distinct kinds of flooring. But first, let us focus on cork flooring and all of its benefits.

Just what is cork flooring?

Essentially, it is flooring that is both cushiony and warm. It features the resiliency as well as the insulating quality of carpet, the easy-to-clean properties of either wood or tile, and the luxurious attractiveness from its visual texture and its beautiful colours. Since it is made out of tree bark, cork is both a renewable and a natural resource, thereby making it something of an environmentally friendly flooring option. The pricing of cork flooring can be quite variable, with the cheapest samples being available from just £2 per square foot to greater than £20 per square foot for the more fancy types that feature speciality colours, styles or shapes. The other good thing about this type of flooring is that even keen do-it-yourself can easily install it.

Now, switching gears a little bit, let us focus on the benefits of wood flooring. For starters, wood flooring offers quite a few environmental benefits. As such, it is the most abundantly renewable material for flooring that is known to man. When you are at home, you want the air quality in your home to be very good, in the sense that it offers clean and breathable air that will not cause you to become ill. Well, it just so happens that the U.S.’ EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) asserts that the indoor air quality actually improves in homes with wooded floors!

Furthermore, wooden floors actually use both less energy and water when they are made in comparison with other flooring options such as cork flooring or vinyl flooring. Finally, when you are finished with your wood flooring, you can recycle it or just burn it off as fuel. So, what are you waiting for?

As you can see, different types of flooring choices provide different benefits to home-owners. That is precisely why it is in the best interest of those looking for new flooring to make sure that they understand all of the options available prior to buying. Selecting the right flooring type can really make or break the look of the interior of a home.


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