Use luxury and glamor to create an affordable bathroom spa setting

(BPT) – There are showers, and then there are luxurious “showering experiences,” that wake you up in the morning, and refresh you after a long day of work. It’s one thing to enjoy a spa-like setting when actually in a spa, and paying spa prices, and another thing to know you can saunter into a spa each and every day in your home for a mental and physical energy-boosting experience.

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms of the house, but also the most frequently used, which is why developing this space into a spa-like setting is a good idea. Homeowners can affordably bring glamor into their bathrooms with color, patterns, textures, fixtures, lighting and accessories.

* Colors – Find colors that inspire you. For some people, the bold hues of reds and browns emit energy and happy feelings, while other people prefer calming purples and blues for a spa setting. Bring these colors into your bathroom via paint on the walls, linens, floor coverings and even the countertop on the vanity.

* Patterns – Elements of design add a lot of elegance to smaller spaces like bathrooms. You can incorporate designs into the decor in many ways, including the linens, the floor decoration or even the shower door patterns. For example, Sterling has designs in Templar, bishop’s lace and creekside patterns for both silver and nickel-finished shower doors that can add emotion and ambiance to the room.

* Textures – Replace your towels, rugs and bath mat with thick, high-quality textures that will have your toes sinking deep, providing a cushioning feeling that takes a bathroom from functional to glamorous. In winter, your bare feet will especially appreciate the extra comfort and protection from the cold floors.

* Fixtures –When a busy schedule limits the time needed for a long soak in the tub, don’t feel like you’re missing out on your spa treatment. Retrofit your bath with a large, roomy shower with the Sterling Ensemble Curve shower enclosure. Complete with a curve design on the back wall, this shower has multiple shelves to hold all the products you need for the ultimate shower experience.

* Lighting – Lighting enhances the mood of a room from bright and glorious to subdued and reflective. Determine what sort of ambiance you would like to create in your bathroom space, and then find light fixtures and bulbs that match those surroundings. Some homeowners prefer tempered colors, and use shades to filter the light, while others look for brighter lighting, which can bring out a warm and cozy feeling.

* Accessories – There is nothing more spa-like than enjoying the relaxing feel of rain in the shower. Kohler Co. has developed an external shower column that allows homeowners to bring the rain shower into the shower, without having to change the plumbing behind the walls. This external shower column allows homeowners to incorporate glam into the bathroom without any major construction costs, making it an affordable remodel. The HydroRail combines a rain shower with a handshower, offering flexibility and customization for the preferred style.

Incorporating elements of these factors into your bath will help enhance the comfort and quality, bringing you the perfect spa setting that you can enjoy day and night. As you settle into your renovated bathroom, you’ll discover you’ll never want to leave the luxury of it again.


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