Want to green your home? The many eco-benefits of modern electric fireplaces

(BPT) – Interest in green home improvements continues to soar as people look to make their properties more eco-friendly and comfortable. One top trend of the year is adding a modern electric fireplace that is stylish, sustainable and green in numerous ways.

“Today’s electric fireplaces have come a long way, with realistic, captivating flames that supply light and heat without an actual flame,” says Joe Kuefler, director of electric fireplaces at Heat & Glo. “The ambiance is beautiful and you can feel good about the many green benefits that help you create an environmentally sound home year-round.”

Here’s why modern electric fireplaces are a top green home improvement:


Electricity is a green alternative to fossil fuels or wood. And your home’s electricity may already be sourced some or all from green energy derived from wind, sunlight or geothermal. Electric fireplaces have no emissions, fumes or pollutants of any kind and cost just pennies an hour to operate. As some states are moving away with natural gas for home use, installing an electric fireplace still provides the warmth and ambiance of a hearth while adhering to new building codes.

Optional heat

Electric fireplaces like SimpliFire Electric Fireplaces by Heat & Glo can be operated with or without heat, so you can enjoy the ambiance year-round, even during the hottest months. On chilly days or cold evenings, if you want some heat, turn on the electric fireplace so you can get quick warmth in the spaces where your fireplace is located, often a living area of the home.

Zone heat

Because you can choose to turn on or off the heating option, electric fireplaces allow you to zone heat your home. This means you can add heat just where it’s needed rather than the entire home like with a furnace. This supplemental heat can help cut waste and monthly energy bills. You can control where you want the heat — and how much — to enjoy a beautiful fire throughout the year.

Air quality

Electric fireplaces don’t require ventilation because they aren’t putting carbon into the air. Because they have no emissions, fumes or pollutants of any kind, electric fireplaces won’t compromise the indoor or outdoor air quality. This means your family can breathe easier and is especially important for people with asthma or allergies.

Minimal construction

An electric fireplace is much easier to install compared to a traditional wood or gas fireplace, making it an accessible DIY project. You can mount it on the wall, build it into the wall or insert it into an existing wood fireplace. These three options require minimal construction and minimal waste, so you’re not adding unnecessarily to landfills.

Placement versatility

Because it doesn’t need to be vented and requires little construction, you can put an electric fireplace virtually anywhere you’d like in your home, adding green heat to favorite spaces. What’s more, TVs and artwork are safe to install directly above the fireplace, which you can’t always do with wood or gas fireplaces. Learn more at HeatNGlo.com.

“Electric fireplaces can help you save money and boost your home’s value,” said Kuefler. “These fireplaces easily become a focal point to anchor a room around, with sleek, modern designs that complement a wide range of decor styles.”


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