Why You Should Never, Ever Undertake DIY Roofing

Many homeowners are struggling for cash; times are tough and money is tight but under no circumstances should you ever undertake your own DIY roofing- except if you are qualified and trained. Why not? Well unless you want to cause more damage to your roof and hurt yourself in the process, stay well clear.

Nobody wants to get their leg stuck when falling through the roof, and no person would choose to pin themselves to the floorboards. So why attempt to carry out your own project? Have a professional like DePalma Roofing handle the project for you. These are the kind of blunders that can occur when trying to fix/repair your own roof.

It can be expensive to hire a contractor but doing it yourself will only be more damaging on your wallet. Around 14 million families in the UK live with unfinished improvements according to a recent survey by RatedPeople.com. The study found that around two-thirds of homeowners start some form of DIY that either goes wrong, or never gets completed.

So unless you want to end up in A&E, or land yourself with a hefty repair bill, you should never, ever undertake DIY roofing.

  • Domestic disagreements

A half-finished DIY project can have a massive impact on family life as the research showed that it can cause domestic disagreements. A half painted wall, kitchen, or bathroom can generate arguments, panic attacks and insomnia so try not to start something unless you know you can finish it.

  • Equipment

When repairing the roof, there are special pieces of equipment which you need to do the job effectively but these can be costly to buy. Why waste your money purchasing all these necessary tools when a qualified roofer will most likely already own them?

  • Future damage

Replacing a roof is a very expensive mission so the key is to be extremely careful when carrying out repair work. A botched job can result in future damage so it is important that you hire a tradesperson with experience and accredited skills.

  • Dangerous

Roofing is a very dangerous job- it involves working at a great height and with one wrong step, you could find yourself hanging from the ceiling. Professional tradespeople are given health and safety guidance from HSE because it can be so hazardous- don’t put yourself at risk!

  • DIY disasters

If the above reasons are not enough to deter you from getting yourself into more trouble, perhaps the following example of a DIY disaster will do.

There are numerous cases on record in the UK but one housing association resident has topped the chart for his catastrophic antics. Christopher Pendery tried to turn his loft into a bedroom for his children but accidently sawed through the timbers that were holding up the roof.

What were the consequences? He had to carry out 160 hours’ community service and the repairs cost over £15,000 to fix.

So remember- never, ever try to repair your roof yourself.

This article was provided by Myredlandroof, specialists in the roofing industry. If you are not an experienced and qualified roofer, don’t attempt to DIY your own roof. Visit the site today to find reputable tradespeople- it is a great source for local accredited roofers.


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