Young designers discuss up-and-coming design inspirations

(BPT) – Americans spent more time at home in 2020 than any other year, inspiring people to take on new interests like baking, crafting or interior design. While some things went oh so right, like a gorgeous new kitchen, some may have fallen a little flat — literally when your sourdough starter never “started.”

Maris Park and Malyka Abramson, industrial designers from Delta Faucet Company, were both recently recognized in the National Kitchen + Bath Association’s Thirty Under 30 Program, which celebrates emerging talent in the kitchen and bath industry. Here are Park and Abramson’s tips of what to explore, what to avoid and where to find your own inspiration:

Trending in 2021 and beyond

While the world works to put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror, its effects on design are here to stay. Americans are using their homes in a completely new way, and their expectations of the home are shifting to meet those new realities.

“We expect more of our homes than ever before,” said Park. “People are transforming their homes for their specific needs.”

Expect more multi-use spaces to use for cooking, virtual learning, home workouts and more. Indulgent spaces invite a retreat and recharge from an always-on lifestyle. Easy-to-clean products that promote health and wellness are surging in demand. Americans are investing in technology to not only make their lives easier, but to give them greater control of their homes.

Seek out designs that enhance your experience with the product or space or simply make your day better. The integrated pull-down spray wand of the Kayra™ Pull-Down Bath Faucet keeps bathroom sinks beautiful and hardworking with a quick rinse.

Americans are seeking to escape the pandemic in their homes, finding inspiration in either the past or the future. Many are going all-in on vintage looks, such as gold or porcelain fixtures, while others are pushed to the other end of the spectrum, looking to futuristic shapes and finishes. Delta Faucet’s Champagne Bronze™ finish harkens a vintage feel. On the other hand, the moody hues of a Matte Black finish give a contemporary look.

While there are plenty of trends to explore, there really are no rules to design this year. The rise of social media and free design tools have given you permission to mix trends, styles and decades into a space that is uniquely you and works for the way you use your home.

“To define your style in one trend is impossible right now,” said Park. “Instead, feel empowered to be daring with color, material and styling. Revolving this changing personality around a grounded piece, like a classic faucet silhouette, will allow for versatility for years to come.”

The lasting power of trends

Park and Abramson caution there’s a difference between trends and fads. “Consumers want to be current without chasing fleeting fads,” said Abramson. “They can protect themselves from fads by going after large-scale trends. It’s a fine line.”

How can you spot the difference? Trends can go on for years or even decades, and go down as classics. While they might not be in vogue forever, they’re never out of place.

But fads aren’t totally banned. Park suggests experimenting with fads in your styling that can be switched out and fine-tuned over the years. “Styling is everything right now, it’s how you add a personal touch and make meaningful connections,” she said. “It’s also how you get re-inspired and continue to fall in love with a space.”

When you find designs that resonate with you and better your home, you make emotional connections with a piece. You build memories with it. Maybe it’s giving your baby their first bath. Or it’s choosing a finish that reminds you of your grandparents’ home. It’s the memories your children grow up with. It’s this emotion that gives a piece its staying power.

That’s the lasting power of change.


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