3 Mailbox Curb Appeal Projects You Can Complete in a Weekend

A curb side mailbox has two jobs to do. First and foremost, it’s there to collect your mail. But, your mailbox also has a big role to play in the curb appeal of your home.

We asked three talented lifestyle and design bloggers to show what replacing an old mailbox, and then sprucing the mailbox up a little can do for curb appeal. Here’s a quick round up of their three mailbox curb appeal ideas, along with links to their new mailbox tutorials.

These are all fairly simple DIY projects you can complete in a weekend without spending a ton of money.

Installing a New Mailbox

Curb Appeal Mailbox Project by Shonee Smith of Hawthorne and Main

Of course, installing a new mailbox might be the first step in your quest for good mailbox curb appeal.

Shonee Smith of Hawthorne and Main had an old post-mount mail box that was in such bad shape, installing a new mailbox was pretty much a no-brainer.

Check out her tutorial for how to install a mailbox post. She chose the Arlington Premium Steel Post-Mount Mailbox in Black. Then note how easy was it was for Shonee to add some gravel around the post and create a simple container garden to dress up her mailbox. So simple, yet so effective!

Two Posts Double the Curb Appeal

Mailbox Curb Appeal Project by Cami Graham of Tidbits

Cami Graham of Tidbits also was dealing with a mailbox that was badly weathered and “wonky,” as she says. It was time to do something special with her mailbox.

Her home’s curb appeal got a huge boost with her mailbox makeover. She had the terrific idea of setting up not one, but two mailbox posts— one for the new white mailbox, and one for the house numbers and to support a hanging basket of flowers. You see the Elite Medium Galvanized Steel Post-Mount Mailbox in White in the photo above. Cami added white stones around the posts and solar-powered cap lights on each post to really dress up the look.

Take a look at her tutorial for all the details of her mailbox curb appeal project.

Mailbox With a Statement Screen

Mailbox Curb Appeal Idea by Ursula Camona of HomeMade by Carmona

Ursula Camona of HomeMade by Carmona was starting with a pretty rough looking mailbox situation, too. She lives off a quiet country road, and guests arriving at her property were greeted by rusty, bent and sad looking mailboxes.

She needs two mailboxes, one for her home, and one for a guest home she has on her property, so she set up a post with a cross piece to hold both the mailboxes. She chose the Madison Steel Post-Mount Mailbox in Venetian Bronze. That right there did a lot to make her drive more orderly and attractive.

But the real bit of curb appeal (or drive appeal?) came with the “statement screen” she added as a backdrop to her mailboxes. It’s pretty simple, actually. The screen is basically just some stained lumber attached to a frame that sunk into the ground behind the mailboxes. She added some low-maintenance flowers around the mailbox post as the final touch.

Take a look at her mailbox curb appeal project to get all the details.

These mailbox curb appeal projects all feature Gibraltar mailboxes available from The Home Depot.

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