5 resolutions for a clean and tidy New Year

(BPT) – Home improvement projects were one of the most popular ways to pass the time in 2020. If you’ve been working hard to make your space more enjoyable, it will be more important than ever to keep it clean as you move into the New Year.

The key to a tidy home is to tackle smaller tasks every day. Breaking it up into more manageable blocks helps prevent feeling overwhelmed. If you’re resolving to keep a cleaner home in 2021, here are some simple yet effective strategies to help you reach your goals.

1. Get ahead of the mess

As you go about your day, try to notice the smaller messes and clean them up right away. Crumbs on the kitchen counter, dirt splashed in the corner of the shower, dust bunnies under the couch. Messes have a tendency to continue to build over time but stopping them at their source will help keep your home in top shape.

2. Clean floors the fast way

There’s no need to spend hours preparing soapy water and mopping up dirty floors. With the LG CordZero with Kompressor and Power Mop, you can compress dirt, dust and pet hair, and clean hard floors to boot. The Power Mop attachment lets you clean tile, hardwood or vinyl floors using only tap water. Plus, it comes with an extra rechargeable battery so you can clean more, longer.

3. Get the kids to help

Multiple hands get the work done faster. To get your kids or other family members on board, try creating a cleaning game. Start a timer and see how quickly items can be put away or turn up your favorite family music and jam to the beat while you clean.

4. Downsize and declutter

Add decluttering to your list of New Year’s goals. Start the year by going through your closets and cabinets and getting rid of the items you no longer need. Keep an eye out for clothes or other items you haven’t used in the last year. No sense in storing them for another!

5. Get into a routine

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with chores, make a checklist and get into a routine that works for you. Plan for which cleaning jobs you’ll do each day, week or month. For example, vacuum and clean the bathrooms once a week, clean the refrigerator once a month, and so on. When you have a schedule, messes are less likely to sneak up on you.

Is a cleaner home one of your goals for the New Year? Then follow these tips for a tidier year to come.


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