5 simple ways to keep cool during a California summer

(BPT) – Although Californians may already be feeling the summer heat, summer solstice officially begins on June 21 at 8:54 a.m. Pacific Time. More daylight during the summer brings more outdoor fun including BBQs, beach days, urban hiking and longer sunsets to be enjoyed.

When temperatures begin to rise, so does our energy usage, which can affect our state’s natural beauty. With climate patterns changing, we can expect more frequent and longer heat waves, and drier summers. By reducing energy usage when looking for ways to keep cool, we can lower our carbon footprint and help to keep California golden.

Being energy efficient is a lot simpler than it sounds. Together, all of our actions this summer can add up to make a difference. Here are a few simple ways from Energy Upgrade California:

  • Move objects away from thermostat: Make sure heat-generating devices such as a lamp or TV are not too close to the thermostat, making it think the house is warmer than it really is! This affects how often the thermostat kicks the heat or air conditioning on.
  • Love your fans: Using fans and open windows to keep your home at a comfortable temperature can be more effective than you might imagine — and it saves energy in the process. This way you can either turn off or lower your air conditioning system.
  • Free the filter: Replace dirty, clogged HVAC filters every one to two months during the summer to lower your energy use by 5% to 15%.
  • Stock up on summer favorites: By keeping your freezer stocked well, it reduces energy usage — this is a great time to make sure you have frozen fruits and veggies for smoothies or ice pops!
  • Use your outdoor grill responsibly: Consider using an outdoor grill instead of your stove or oven on hotter days to reduce energy usage and keep the heat out of your home.

Plus, by implementing energy efficiency practices within your home, you can potentially reduce energy use for air conditioning by a whopping 20% to 50%!

Eligible renters and homeowners may also consider the Energy Savings Assistance Program which provides no-cost weatherization services, installation and energy-efficient appliances. Find out more from your local energy provider.

For more information on how to stay cool this summer while keeping California golden, visit: www.energyupgradeca.org.


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