Smart ideas to green your lifestyle

(BPT) – The green movement continues to thrive with people finding new and inventive ways to incorporate environmentally conscious elements throughout their daily lives. Now more than ever, sustainable choices are important to how we live today and for generations to come. From fashionable choices cleverly crafted from recycled materials and ecologically thoughtful designs for the home to the car you select and the vacation you choose, there are many creative options to green your lifestyle.

Fashion trends

Even today’s most recognized designers are choosing a sustainable approach to their designs and the social and ethical impact. A safe workplace environment, fair wage, reducing water and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are all playing a role in the commitment to reducing our global footprint.

For example, research the fabric content of clothing. Simple changes to your wardrobe can make a big difference. Designs that use organic cotton, which means it was grown without toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and used less water than traditional cotton when harvested. Shoes, shirts, coats, swimwear, glasses and backpacks made entirely from recycled plastic bottles are fashionably exploding upon the marketplace. Shopping local vintage shops for that rare one-of-a-kind upcycled find is another way to inject green sensibility into your lifestyle.

And an ensemble is never complete without jewelry. The Noonday Collection, which partners with gifted artisans from vulnerable communities around the world, is one way to accessorize yourself and express your inner green, with an individual work of art, offering a host of beautiful handcrafted jewelry that often features recycled materials through fair trade.

Home design

Adding green elements to your home design doesn’t mean sacrificing luxury. Just look at the ANN SACKS Crackle Collection by Kohler WasteLAB that uses unfired pottery cull and dust as its medium. Through firing and a proprietary interactive glaze, this waste is transformed into a beautiful tile of depth and dimension in rich colors in shades like mahogany, amber and emerald.

Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom and beyond, this collection takes its cues from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and came about while seeking out inventive solutions to recycle factory waste in the form of beautiful and functional products.

Food and wellness

You can align your health with the health of the earth by making green choices in your diet. Support independent restaurants that feature menus from locally sourced foods. Farm-to-table eateries are trending and are a great way to eat well and savor local fare.

You can also stock your fridge with fresh produce and support local farmers by signing up for a CSA which allows you to get a box of locally plucked produce from a nearby farmer at regular intervals. Beyond food, remember to pack items in reusable containers, utilizing stylish water bottles and washable alternatives to plastic wrap.

Transportation that is anything but traditional

Vehicles across the price spectrum that are reducing their global imprint without sacrificing sophistication or comfort are fast becoming all the rage making smart look very sexy. These fuel-efficient models come from some of the most coveted manufacturers on the planet. On the high end of the spectrum are a range of cars that yield ultra-low sulfur emissions while achieving 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds to high-performance racing quality vehicles that can reach speeds of 167 mph while incorporating hybrid technology to still realize 30 mpg on the highway.

If you’re on a budget, more pocket-book friendly vehicles still boast an ecological playbook of innovative options to promote little-to-no gas consumption, increased cargo space, enhanced battery life and increased road mileage.


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