5 tips for living your best life with your new pet

(BPT) – Over the past year, pet adoptions have surged with many welcoming new dogs and cats into their homes for the first time. Adopting a pet brings lots of enjoyment, love and a very special bond between humans and their four-legged friends.

New pets also bring new responsibilities and country star, Chris Lane, has experienced this firsthand. His two rescue pups were originally supposed to be fosters but, after some convincing from his wife, Lauren Bushnell Lane, Cooper and Chloe were welcomed into their forever home. Lane and his wife have another new addition to their household – a baby boy, Dutton Walker Lane. Through all these changes, the bond between Lane and his pups has only gotten stronger.

‘My dogs, Cooper and Chloe, are truly my best friends,’ said Lane. ‘Since we adopted them, they have brought Lauren and me so much happiness and laughter, and endless amounts of love.’

Lane has learned a thing or two about caring for a new pet and has shared a few tips to help anyone who has recently welcomed a new furry friend into their forever home.

1. Create routines

Animal companions – especially dogs – thrive on predictable routines. Regular times for meals, walks and playtime help animals feel secure. Dogs come to expect certain events and even look forward to them.

‘My favorite part of the day is the moment we get home,’ said Lane. ‘Seeing Cooper in the window howling always makes us smile because he’s so happy in that moment.’

2. Prepare pets for change

Change is inevitable, and you should prepare your pet for it to come. Whether it’s a new baby or returning to the office after a year at home, start getting them used to you being away. Leave for short periods, gradually increasing how long you’re gone, so your pet becomes accustomed to you being away and understands that you will return.

3. Caring for your pets

Keeping your furry friends healthy and protecting them from harm is the foundation of a happy relationship with your pet. Good nutrition, exercise and providing regular wellness visits to the veterinarian all get you off to a great start.

One important way Lane shows his love for his dogs is by using vet-recommended Seresto to protect Cooper and Chloe from fleas and ticks. Whether they’re playing in the backyard or joining him on tour, Seresto provides eight months of continuous protection from fleas and ticks so Lane has one less thing to worry about and can spend more time having fun with his dogs.

‘With the new baby, the tour and everything in between, we’ve never been busier,’ said Lane. ‘We rely on Seresto to protect our dogs from fleas and ticks so we can focus on enjoying our time together.’

4. Learn your pet’s love language

Every relationship has its own language for giving and receiving love – including our pets. Whether it’s playtime outside, getting treats or snuggling up for a belly rub, pets show us every day how they want to be loved. And they pick up on our cues too. Paying attention to those signals will continue to strengthen the bond we have with our pets and make room for even more unconditional love.

‘Chloe’s favorite ways to be shown love are food and affection. She loves to eat, and wants to cuddle 24/7,’ observed Lane. ‘But, for Cooper, it’s play time. We love playing hide and seek in the house and that gives him more joy than anything.’

5. Offer patience and love

Last, but not least, taking care of a pet requires plenty of patience and love. Showing affection and taking the time to understand their needs helps create a happy home for everyone.

‘You can love your pet way better when you know what they need to be happy,’ noted Lane. ‘You want to give them the best life possible and you’re happier when they’re happy.’

Pets bring so much joy into our lives and, the truth is, we need them as much as they need us. Learning how to care for your pet will mean endless amounts of love to go around.

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