5 ways to show your pet extra love for National Love Your Pet Day – and every day

(BPT) – Your pets are part of your family, and you would do just about anything for them. From the tail wags and face licks to the head bumps and purr fests, your pets show their unconditional love in many different ways, every single day. This year, take some extra time to show them just how much they mean to you on National Love Your Pet Day, February 20.

1. Have a ‘Yes Day’ with your pet

When was the last time you devoted time to solely focusing on your pet and doing the activities you know they love to do? The truth is, your beloved pets love nothing more than hanging out with you – so why not make a whole day of it?

Start by either making a list of all the activities your pet enjoys or saying ‘yes’ to your pet’s cues to see where the day takes you. One more treat after a walk through the park? Yes! One more minute of scratches behind the ear? Yes! Whatever you end up doing, know that any time spent with your pet is time they’ll love.

2. Feed them nutritious, delicious food

One simple, yet important, way to keep your dog or cat happy and healthy is by feeding them nutritious and tasty food and treats. Choosing food that uses all-natural ingredients will not only help maintain their well-being, but your four-legged family member will love it.

While finding pet-food products with organic fruits and vegetables and sustainably sourced ingredients may seem like a daunting task, raw pet food leader Stella & Chewy’s has a variety of products sure to keep your pet happy and healthy. Cats absolutely adore their Raw Coated Chicken and for dogs, check out the Red Meat With Grain Raw Blend – or find your own favorite by visiting StellaAndChewys.com to learn more.

3. Find a great new toy

Animals need the occasional stimulation of a new toy or game, and they love playing with you. Try a new interactive toy or activity that can keep you both entertained for hours. When playtime is done, put the toy away so it’s still fresh the next time you bring it out for a play session.

4. Take some PTO for your P-E-T

Between family and busy work schedules, you may be wondering how to carve out dedicated time for your pets. National Love Your Pet Day is the perfect opportunity to take some time off work to spend with your pets!

“At our company, we make sure everyone has an extra day off to spend dedicated time with their pets in honor of National Love Your Pet Day,” said Marc Hill, CEO of Stella & Chewy’s. “Just as you might take a day off to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or anniversary, our pets are also our family, and we believe our employees – and their pets – deserve an additional day off to bask in the raw, unadulterated love we share with each other.’

With more than two-thirds of pet parents agreeing that it’s important for family vacations to be pet-friendly, consider taking that extra day off to embark on a road trip with your pet. Visit friends, head to a dog-friendly beach or go sightseeing at a national or state park! Whatever you do with your time off, your pet will appreciate the extra day hanging out with their favorite person – you!

5. Teach your pet a new trick

Most dogs – and even some cats – enjoy the challenge of learning something new.

Use their favorite treats to teach simple tricks at home like:

  • “Paw” – Get your dog in a sitting position and show them you have a treat. Hold the treat in your hand close to your dog’s face and under their chin. Most dogs will try to paw at your hand to get to the treat. If your dog does this and touches your hand, give them the treat and praise.
  • ‘Roll Over’ – Sit in front of your cat with a treat 2-3 inches away from their nose. If you want your cat to roll to your right/their left, slowly arc the treat on a slight incline toward their right ear. For the left side, do the opposite, and reward with a tasty treat when the trick is completed.

Regardless of how you spend National Love Your Pet Day with your dog or cat, taking some extra time to share your unconditional love is something that will make both you and your pet enjoy life to the fullest.


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