A French Flair in the Home

When you think of French interior design the words elegant, bespoke and luxurious instantly come to mind. French Furniture originates from the Louis XV period of reign in the country between 1715 and 1774 which is also referred to as the golden age.

During this time there was a change in popular style and culture which, in turn, transformed large, grand and cold feeling rooms of royalty into small, comfortable and intimate interiors. Rooms designed with rich colours, elegant pieces of furniture and subtle unique features could be just the recipe to add extra warmth to your home.

With the popularity of French interior design ever increasing, there has never been a better opportunity to delve into the market and make a purchase. One area of the home that can be really improved and transformed with French designs is the bedroom.

France is iconic for romance and this imagery is purveyed through characteristics in the furniture. With the use of French furniture a dull, overcrowded bedroom can easily be revitalised into a classical, passion filled room.

The focal point of any bedroom is the bed so ensure you invest in high quality that is both practical and luxurious in design. French style beds can come in a vast range of designs, which are all of equal beauty, so regardless to whether you intend to purchase Chateau, Shabby Chic or French Gold Leaf there will be plenty of great options. All French style beds are renowned for their beautiful hand-crafted headboards and footboards ranging from bold lustrous gold to more simple and rustic chateau styles.

Although less is more when it comes to design of a French styled bedroom, for success you are going to need more than just a bed. When beginning the process of filling the rest of the room, traditional bedside tables are a good place to start. It is important to pick a design that goes hand in hand with the focal point, however don’t let this sacrifice practicality. If you need storage space, look for furniture that will offer storage facilities alongside beauty.

Finally the second most important item of furniture in the bedroom is the wardrobe. Selection of such an item can normally present a metaphorical stumbling block. The balance between practicality and style is difficult to attain when it comes to the wardrobe especially if there are vast amounts of clothes to store, therefore look for a style that offers ample storage volume but reframes from overpowering the rest of the room. It is vital to keep one focal point in the room as a centre piece, as deviating from this can create a feeling of clutter.

About the author: Chris Algar writes on behalf of The Furniture Market, who offer a wide selection of elegant French furniture ranging in designs such as Chateau, French Noir and French Gold Leaf designs.

Image sourced: frenchicandshabby.com.



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