A Simple Guide to Painting a Stone Fireplace

A Simple Guide to Painting a Stone Fireplace

Painting the textured surface of a stone fireplace requires a little more planning than your average painting project. But it’s not hard if you use a paint sprayer and you know how to prep for the job. We teamed up with Amy Osaba of Amy Osaba Design to show you what to do in this simple guide.

How to Spray Paint a Stone Fireplace

Materials needed to paint a stone fireplace


  • Pre-taped Painter’s Plastic
  • Drop Cloths
  • 10-qt. Bucket
  • Elastic Top Strainers
  • Paint Sprayer (You can rent a paint sprayer from The Home Depot.)
  • 3-in. Angled Brush
  • Hand Held Paint Pail
  • Safety goggles and respirator

Step 1: Prep the Room

Preparations for painting a stone fireplace

Prep the stone fireplace and the rest of the room for painting. You’ll want to tape the edges of the fireplace with the pre-taped painter’s plastic to secure wall around the fireplace.

Move furniture away from the fireplace area, and cover your furniture and flooring with drop cloths.

Step 2: Paint with the Paint Sprayer

Using an elastic top strainer, pour paint into a bucket and strain before loading it into the spray gun.

Using a spray painter on a stone fireplace

Fill the paint sprayer with BEHR paint. Put on your safety goggles and begin spraying about 6-8 inches away from the fireplace stones in horizontal back and forth motions.

This will give fast and easy coverage of the textured surface of your fireplace.

Spray painting a stone surface

Step 3: Paint the Edges and Touch Up

Painting the edge of a stone fireplace

Use your angled brush to paint the trim edges of the fireplace.

Also, touch up any areas of the stone that the paint sprayer might have missed.

And you’re done.

You can find everything you need to paint your stone fireplace, or take on any painting project in The Home Depot’s paint section.

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