Beds and Boudoirs – How to Create the Perfect Bedroom

Our bedrooms are the most important room in our home – it’s crucial our beds and mattresses are comfortable and luxurious.


A good night’s sleep is linked to good physical and mental health. If we sleep well, there’s nothing we feel we can’t achieve. But tiredness and poor sleep patterns can leave us feeling unmotivated and constantly tired. If you’ve been neglecting your bedroom, it’s time to put some effort and time into the beds in your home – your mattress matters!


Investing in New Beds


The cost of splashing out on a week’s holiday abroad, or even spending just one night in a luxury hotel is all it costs in exchange for ten years of five-star comfort in your own home. Investing in a new bed or a new mattress can transform the quality of your sleep. If you suffer from backache, it could be because of an old mattress that is in dire need of replacement. And yet, many people don’t consider replacing their mattress or buying a new bed – even though the Sleep Council in the UK recommend buying a new mattress every eight to ten years.


Quality Mattress and Down Duvets


Other ways to improve your mattress and beds is to invest in pillow protectors, which will make the quality of your pillows last much longer. Buying new pillows regularly is also recommended as they do get flat, as well as infested with dust mites. As well as a high quality mattress, good beds need good duvets. Down duvets may be more expensive but you’ll notice the difference. Invest in high quality sheets for your mattress and beds – 100% cotton – if you’re feeling extravagant, silk sheets are a must. Ideally you’ll be a new bed or mattress but if you can’t stretch the budget, consider a mattress topper to give your old bed a boost.


Beds – Invest in the Best


If you are thinking twice about investing in new beds or a comfy mattress, remember that bedrooms should be welcoming, luxurious retreats. Bedrooms are crucial places for sleep and relaxation – two things that will dramatically improve your day-to-day life. You should invest in the most comfortable bed and mattress you can afford. It’s obvious, but the more expensive mattress and beds you buy, the better they will probably be. Just as fine Egyptian cotton sheets will feel miles away from cheap polyester. If your beds, mattress and luxurious sheets are well maintained and looked after, they will last for years, ensuring you get good value for your money.


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